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    Smart girls can do anything

    with the right ingredients.

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I'm a

  • inventor
  • film maker
  • geneticist
  • restaurateur
  • CEO
  • astronaut
  • game designer
  • cinematographer
  • veterinarian
  • investor
  • roboticist
  • architect
  • web developer
  • market analyst
  • test pilot

in the making and I'm all about the


Handcrafted HoneyBee

A love of LEARNING inspires Big Dreams.

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Created by a former teacher + an aerospace engineer, Handcrafted HoneyBee is a business with a purpose.

Our MISSION is to inspire girls of all ages to fall in love with knowledge.

Our COMMITMENT is to teach, empower, and give back

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We want to help the future generation of female leaders to think both creatively and analytically to achieve goals and solve problems - because...

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The journey to
a Big Dream
starts with small,
smart steps. 

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