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Introducing a Remarkable Role Model for Girls Everywhere

Last week, I told you all about how we developed a team of illustrated HoneyBee Heroines. They each have stories, skills & interests with the ability to spark the imaginations of the girls who use our kits.

But that’s only the beginning.

Because there are heroines among us in real-life–extraordinary girls who possess intense curiosity, boundless enthusiasm & Big Dreams.

And today, I’m going to introduce you to one of them.

Handcrafted HoneyBee Heroine IRL

Meet Cat, a real-life HoneyBee Heroine

To the casual observer, Cat looks like your typical 12-year-old girl. But under the surface, she’s an avid reader, a beautiful dreamer, and quirky, funny writer. She’s a Southern Californian who loves the ocean, surfing and going to Disneyland.

“My interests are really spread out,” she says, “but I love Disney, history, all things retro and bacon, among other things.”

She’s also the girl featured on several of our newly designed Create-Your-Own Skin Care Kits, as well as the host of our new “How-To” Kit Tutorials! And let me tell you–she’s a natural in front of the camera.


Getting to know her

Cat has the kind of wry sense of humor that can only be mastered by really intelligent & self-confident teens.

She describes herself as “eclectic”, saying, “But that's not a bad thing! I take pleasure in being unusual and weird, and I wear it as a badge of honor. Or sometimes as a t-shirt.”

When I talked with Cat, I asked her what a typical day looks like for her. Being homeschooled, she has more flexibility than many girls her age. When not doing her schoolwork, Cat spends her days doing what she loves most–reading and writing.

She goes on to say:

“In fact, my mother often has to take a book away from me so that I’ll focus on my schoolwork! Though I’ll admit I am the most non-coordinated, un-sporty person you’ve ever met, I’m trying to get the hang of surfing. I also like listening to music and dancing, although rather dorkily...is dorkily actually a word?”

Book recommendations from a book-lover

When both interviewer and interviewee are complete book-lovers, you know they’re going to exchange recommendations and gush over their favorites. So what’s Cat reading right now?

The Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson. The books follow five kids who find themselves transformed into holographic tour guides at Walt Disney World. “Given my interest in Disney, history, and random tidbits of knowledge,” Cat says. “I loved it immediately. I really enjoyed watching these characters grow up and battle various monsters throughout the series. I would highly recommend them!”

Like many an avid reader, Cat has an interest in writing fiction as well. She has already tried her hand at several genres, but she always makes it a point to feature strong female protagonists.

“I do my best to write characters girls can look up to, because I remember being disappointed in books and movies when women were portrayed only as sidekicks or damsels in distress. Though the situation has gotten better in the past few years with the success of novels such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, I still think that this is a serious issue.”

Things start to dig deeper

What’s Cat’s Big Dream? “To be someone who inspires others. If I could make a difference in only a few people’s lives, and they in turn inspire others…the world becomes a better place.”

But my favorite part of the interview was hearing her advice for other girls on handling disappointment when things don’t go according to plan.

“Try again! Even if something doesn’t turn out quite right to begin with, you have to keep at it or nothing will come of it at all….If there’s something that you want to do in the world, you need to pick yourself up and start again.”

When you talk with her, Cat’s positivity, self-confidence & inner beauty shine through. “I’m proud to be me because I’m not afraid to stick out,” she says. “I’m comfortable being me”

She’s a sweet, happy girl that any mom would be proud of. “What makes me happiest? Reading and being with my family. Of course, Disneyland isn’t so bad either. And bacon!”

Boy…she really loves bacon.


Addendum (Nov 24, 2016)

All year, we've been highlighting real-life HoneyBee Heroines! Here's a complete list of our 2016 interviews:

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