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Your Backstage Pass to a Top-Secret Club for Girls

As a parent of two young children, I have bought a lot of kits & activities for us to play with. Some are completely forgettable while others are truly remarkable.

But almost every kit we’ve ever gotten has one thing in common. When you finish the activity and close up the box, the experience is over.

That’s something we want to change.

As a company that makes educational skin care kits, we have thought a whole lot about ways to make the lesson “stick” long after the creative act is complete. We get excited about the benefits of hands-on, whole-brain learning, but we get even more excited coming up with ways to make the learning memorable and applicable.

An Invitation to a Top-Secret Club

So inside every kit, you'll find a secret code enabling a girl to unlock the door to an awesome website just for her.

It makes her feel super-special…after all, who doesn’t like receiving an invitation to a top-secret club? And more importantly, it helps to extend and deepen her enjoyment of the gift she’s been given.

The site is exclusively available to kit creators, so consider this blog post a free day-pass to see what’s inside.

Welcome to the HoneyBee Heroines Website!

After a girl enters the secret access code included in her kit, she can find helpful tips & tricks on ways to make her kit creation even more fun & memorable.

She’ll even find a How-To video for her kit, hosted by a real-life HoneyBee Heroine, Cat! It’s one thing to learn from an instruction booklet, and quite another thing to learn from a peer.

HoneyBee Heroine How-to Videos with Cat

A girl can create her own Dream Declaration, to help her stay focused on on her goals. She can also pose questions about the science behind the skin care and read responses to other girls’ questions too!

HoneyBee Heroine Dream Declaration

And she can discover more about some of the cool things that we include in every kit. She can read the profiles of the HoneyBee Heroines or learn more about the molecule stickers that we tucked into her box.

Handrafted HoneyBee motivational molecules

(Don’t worry–if you’re curious about those stickers, you’ll find out more about them in our next blog post!)

But with all of the great things we built into the site, there’s one thing that you won’t ever find: advertisements.

As we planned & developed the site, it was extremely important to us that we maintain an ad-free environment for girls who are constantly bombarded by marketing messages everywhere else.

This is just the beginning of something great for the girls who visit HoneyBeeHeroines.com! We have plans to continue to build out the site with activities, games, more videos, special resources & interviews with fantastic female role models.

So…if you were building a special website made just for girls who create their own skin care, what would you include?

If there’s something you’d like to see there for a special girl in your life (or for yourself), then write me to tell me all about it!

Together, we can inspire girls to Dream Big!

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