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How Can Beautiful Design Teach Girls to Love Science?

On the days that we assemble our skin care kits, I always like to imagine their stories.

I like to think of the girl dreaming to be a doctor, using pipettes and thinking of her future career in science & medicine. I like to think of the future animator, drawing her labels with incredible care. Or the someday-entrepreneur, imagining how she can make and sell each of these lip balms to family & friends to earn money for something she’s wanted for a long time.

I like to imagine the seeds that are being planted in the fertile soil of a girl’s imagination.

Those thoughts are exhilaratingly beautiful to me. That beauty motivates my actions and sustains me through the hard work of growing a business.

And that beauty has the power to transform the way we teach our girls.

Learning to See Beauty All Around

The natural world is a masterpiece, a symphony, an epic story unfolding in real-time. It contains timeless themes and recurring motifs.

You can find the same well-proportioned spiral in the nautilus shell, the head of a sunflower, the formation of galaxies, and the gender balance of a beehive. The same mathematical principals guide the structure of snowflakes, tree branches and coastlines.

Talk to the most successful scientists & mathematicians about their life’s work, and they’ll speak almost poetically about the elegance of their studies. They’ll talk about the way everything connects and fits together in a lovely symmetry.

So why do so many school curricula teach subjects with all the life & wonder drained out of them? Is it surprising that so many girls come away from math and science feeling bored?

Beauty Can Unlock the Door to a Larger World

It’s human nature to be drawn to beautiful things. Beauty has a powerful appeal on a visceral emotional level. It triggers neural responses across multiple parts of the brain. And integrating those responses can have powerful results.

When a girl learns with both hemispheres of her brain–the side devoted to creative expression combined with the side employed for analytical exploration–she retains the information longer & grasps it more fully.

But most importantly, by engaging a child’s whole brain, you can spark a lifelong love for discovery, learning & exploring. You can ignite a passion able to sustain her through the long stretches of hard work required to become a master of her field. You can give a girl a glimpse of her future and inspire her to dream big.

There’s a Special Design Included in Your Kit!

We believe so strongly in the power of good design that we include something extra in every Create-Your-Own Skin Care Kit. It has nothing to do with the kit itself and everything to do with its larger purpose.

Inside each kit, you’ll find a special design developed especially for us by Aeolidia. It's a clean, elegant composition of four molecular compounds that help to shape girls into passionate, motivated & creative young women.

A beautiful stamp from Lumi.com
Beautiful molecule stamp from Lumi.com

Even without the design, each molecular structure has a beautiful simplicity. But the choices of color, line, letter and message all work together to create an image that fascinates and invites a girl to learn more.

The following are excerpts of the information we provide kit creators at HoneyBeeHeroines.com, the secret website that girls can visit for tips, tricks & cool information about their kits. (Learn more about HoneyBeeHeroines.com in last week’s blog post, here.)

I want to invite you now to see with the eyes of a girl. Imagine with me the dreams these designs might inspire in her.


Acetylcholine helps you to focus on & enjoy what you are learning, solidifying those experiences in short-term memory. It’s also one of the main signals for muscle movement. And what better way to make memories than to move your body?


Serotonin is closely linked to mood. Interestingly, serotonin is one of the reasons that you crave comfort food when you’re feeling down. But that only offers a quick boost. Sleep & exercise are actually much more effective at helping your body to produce this compound.


Dopamine plays a very important role in reward-motivated behavior. This can be a very powerful force, capable of getting you “hooked” on playing video games or reading books. It’s up to you to channel that motivation, so spend your time wisely!


Estrogen is one of the main hormones responsible for female physical features and for the ability of women to have babies. This is a very cool link that helps explain estrogen in a little more depth for advanced learners!

We have put a lot of care and consideration into every aspect of the design of our products and website. And it’s all aligned with our mission to bridge the creative and the analytical through hands-on, whole-brain learning.

To learn more about what we believe, visit our Mission, Vision & Values page. Then write me to let me know how we can serve you best. I’d love to hear from you!



  • Robert

    Awesome link! Of course, the sociologist is looking at the philosopher and saying, “Philosophy is just applied sociology.” And the philosopher is looking at the mathematician thinking: "Without the foundation of 3,000 years of philosophy, mathematics wouldn’t even exist.
    …and the purity spectrum just became a loop! XD

  • The Nova Studio

    I love this! You guys are doing such a great job of making science & math achievable for everyone. Have you seen that XKCD comic about the “most pure” field? Reminds me of your statements about how everything is connected :) https://xkcd.com/435/

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