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Behind Every Woman is a Tribe of Women Who Have Her Back

When I look back on the highs and lows of my life, there's one constant. I was never alone.

In my darkest moments, the love & support of my family and encouragement of my friends has always helped to lift me back up.

And on the path to all of my proudest moments, I benefited from the hard work & insights of a multitude of people. Be they friends, mentors, colleagues, coaches, relatives…I could not have succeeded without them.

But the times that I'll always cherish most dearly have been when I've found deep, lasting fellowship with others. When I feel like I have found a community–when I feel like I'm able to contribute as much as I gain–no dream seems too big to achieve.

The past two days were a perfect example of that kind of fellowship.

More Than a Conference

This morning I am on my way back home from 2X4 LIVE, an amazing business mastermind with 40 other female entrepreneurs. And I cannot begin to tell you how much good it did for my spirit!

Over the course of two days in Nashville, I attended workshops hosted by four of the most savvy businesswomen I know. Each brought her unique perspective & approach to the session she led.

And each one of them exudes a grace & strength that's all her own:

One is Silver & the Other Gold

On the second day, we broke off into small group masterminds led by each of our hosts in rotation.

The small group sessions led to deep reflection in the group, fueled by avulnerability & honesty that can only be shared by people who are bound by a common passion.

It was incredible to have the chance to form new connections with women I had never met. But it was even more amazing to deepen my relationships with friends that I only rarely get to see. I finally got the chance to hug one of my dearest friends for the first time. (Up til now, we have only spoken to each other by computer or phone!)

Having a big dream can feel hard sometimes. It can feel like it's too big.

So there's nothing quite like finding fellowship with other big dreamers & lifting the load together as a team. Because we can do hard things together.

This is why Teamwork is one of our Core Values at Handcrafted HoneyBee.

I strongly believe that none of us can accomplish as much alone as we can achieve when we work together. I know first-hand that the work is lighter, the victories are sweeter and the stumbles are easier to bear when I am surrounded by the love and support of others.

And I'm so grateful for it.

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