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What I Did to Discover My North Star


Winding paths don't always indicate a lack of direction. Sometimes they simply point to a slightly different destination than the one you had in mind when you set out.

For example, I never ever thought I would run a business.

At the age of 16, I had my very first experience working in a classroom as a summer school teacher's assistant, and I instantly fell in love with teaching. I knew I wanted to do it forever.

Over the next fourteen years, I had many more opportunities to nourish that love. I worked as an assistant at a special needs preschool during college, got my  bachelor's degree in education, and taught both high school and first grade while in my 20's.

But by 2008, I didn't feel like my path was meant to continue in the classroom setting. I still felt I was meant to teach and had loved the many varied experiences thus far. I just couldn't quite figure out the right fit for me.

At the end of 2009, my husband and I moved to a very rural mountain town to get away from the busy city life and raise a family.

And that's when an "accident" happened. I stumbled into what would eventually become my Big Entrepreneurial Adventure (and, interestingly enough, bring me back to teaching).

In business–as in teaching–I struggled for a while to find my North Star. I loved the flexibility & creativity of being an entrepreneur. But without a clear direction, my business was taking a bit of a winding path.



It was necessary for me to have lots of joyful & difficult experiences along the way while I figured it out. I had to try new things, learning what felt right and what didn't. 

I had to ask myself difficult questions and be brave enough to answer them honestly–even when it meant stretching myself or starting over. 

I had to fail a lot.

But through it all, I never could shake the fact that I was still meant to be a teacher. I had this drive in my heart to teach, but I also knew I wasn't going to be a traditional teacher anymore.

And I knew I loved being a businesswoman. In fact, I was surprised to see that it put a lot of my strengths to good use.

Finally, just a few months ago, the path suddenly became very, very clear. I would use my business to teach.

The Handcrafted HoneyBee you see today is a mission-driven company, and isthe culmination of passion, study, and hard work. By pursuing that mission, I'm following my passion, nourishing my talents, and improving my community. The same things I want to teach girls everywhere.

It took hard work, a lot of patience & the courage to listen to my heart, but I found my North Star. I found my direction.

And even though it seems that I started as an "accidental" entrepreneur...I'm not sure that's the best way to say it. Because I don't really believe anything is accidental when we follow our hearts and nourish our strengths.

The path might be unexpected, sure–but it's never accidental.

Sometimes we can carve out our paths even if we don't consciously know the direction. All we need to have is an intrinsic sense of our potential.

That intuition can be an incredibly powerful compass.

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