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The Lessons Mothers & Daughters Teach Each Other

When I was a teacher, early childhood development always fascinated me. Even now it remains one of my passions.

As a parent, I find myself teaching an awful lot…although the child/teacher ratio is a heck of a lot better! And I still love to read different ideas & theories about what's going on inside a child's brain.

"Remember that children are not miniature adults," writes Susan Stiffelman, author of Parenting Without Power Struggles. "They are reasonably new inhabitants of the planet, programmed to discover all they can about the world around them."

I try to remember this when I'm feeling annoyed or impatient or frustrated with my kids. And I try to hold onto it whenever I'm struggling to be the mother I know I can be.

Because they're "programmed to discover all they can about the world around them." And while they're little, I am a major part of that world.

As parents, our children look at us to learn how the world works. That's an awesome responsibility & a tremendous opportunity.

We have the opportunity to raise a generation better than ourselves. So for their sake, we must always strive to be our best selves…because they're listening. And watching. And learning.

Note that I didn't say that we have to be our best selves. We don't have to be perfect for our childrens' sake. All we need to do is strive to do our best, and let them learn from the striving. To see us stumble, rise again & do better the next time.

We may have big dreams for our children. But the biggest lessons are often found in the small moments, because that's when they're learning the most from us.

Great Things Hidden in Ordinary Moments

In the previous blog post, I shared the story of one mother & daughter. As I wrote, I found myself reflecting on the beauty of those simple everyday moments we share with our children. Making a meal together. Taking a walk as a family. Our bedtime routines.

Each of those are "teachable moments," a chance to alter the course of a young life. But it goes well beyond the opportunities created for meaningful conversations. Each minute spent doing something together with a child teaches them a very powerful lesson.

It whispers "you matter" right to the very center of themselves.

If you haven't read it yet, you can find our interview here:
What a Daughter Learns When You Think She Isn't Listening

HoneyBee Heroine Lily

The words that Rose & Lily speak in this interview literally had me in tears. I'm so grateful that they were willing to be featured.

We need mothers like this for our girls–to grow them into strong, confident women. Women who believe that nothing is impossible, if they follow their hearts and have faith in the passions that were placed into their souls.

Because nothing is impossible.

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  • Robert

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment! It can be very difficult to see it when you’re in the middle of it, but we’ve found that even the tantrums provide opportunities for us to strive to do our best. The hardest moments provide the best opportunities for us to stumble and for our children to see us rise again to do better next time. Even when they’re too young to speak, they are watching & learning…and it’s such a gift to take part in that!

  • The Nova Studio

    My husband and I had a discussion the other day about how one of the ways we’ll measure our success as parents is when we realize our children are more clever and intelligent than us. Looking forward to the day when our “better generation” begins teaching us instead of the other way around! And in the meantime, we’ll value as many moments as we can shore up against the tantrums and disobedience teaching moments ;)

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