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Dancer. Writer. Artist…Paleontologist? How It All Fits

“When am I going to use this later in my life?”

It’s a very common question. It’s usually something you ask when you’re wondering to yourself: what’s the point of all this hard work? Am I ever going to use this skill, this information, this knowledge when I’m older?

But there is value in the hard work itself too. There are lessons to be learned, even if they don’t directly apply to the life you lead. Even if they don’t seem to serve your goals & dreams.

Meet a Teen Filled With Determination & Joy

Fifteen-year-old Kamryn is no stranger to hard work. Five days a week, she is working on mastering four different styles of dance: jazz, hip hop, modern & pointe.

“I’ve been a competitive dancer for six years,” says the high school freshman. “My typical weekday starts at 5:30 am. I’m at school til 2:30 & then I head directly to the dance studio. I usually dance for about two to three hours a day. After dance, it’s back home to do my homework. Sometimes I have a few minutes to relax before I go to bed at 9 pm.”

Beyond the hours of practice, she devotes time to the dance competitions themselves. And that’s not even counting the hours spent traveling to get there, sometimes studying while on the road.

Kamryn finds benefit & enjoyment intensively studying dance, even though she doesn’t dream of becoming a professional dancer.

It’s the same kind of enthusiasm & positivity that Kamryn applies to every one of her passions. She gives her whole heart to the things that she loves.

“I enjoy drawing and reading,” says Kamryn. “I also have an interest in writing books. I’m currently working on a book that I hope to get published one day.”

And she’s passionate about her family too. “I’m not a typical teen. I love hanging out with my family & being myself,” Kamryn explains. “I have two younger sisters. All the best times are when I’m with them…spending time with them & making them laugh. I love my memories of them as babies. They make me happy.”

Kamryn has a real silly streak that comes out when you least expect it, especially when she’s with her family. In fact, she’s the Photobomb Queen, ready to hijack any picture with the goofiest facial expressions she can muster.

She never feels self-conscious or embarrassed about being herself.

“It makes me happy to help someone smile or brighten their day,” Kamryn shares. “I’m proud to be me. I don’t give into peer pressure. I don’t change to make others happy or to try to fit into a certain group. I am who I am.”

Hard Work: The Building Blocks of Big Dreams

Knowing about her interests in dance & writing, I found myself surprised by Kamryn’s answer when I asked about her big dream for her life. “I want to go to college and become a paleontologist. I’ve always had an interest in fossils.”

At first glance, the hours and hours spent rehearsing & performing don’t seem to point towards a love of science. How does writing & illustrating a novel fit into that life-plan?

Look again. You’ll see a girl laying a strong foundation for her future.

Nourished by a sense of accomplishment, she is learning that she can do anything she sets her mind toward, if she works for it. Through dance, writing & art, Kamryn unleashes her curiosity, sharpens her focus and hones her skills. And it will serve her well in a painstakingly meticulous field of study like paleontology.

It can be easy to dismiss Kamryn as a girl who “has it all together.” It can feel intimidating to think of the amount of work it takes to get really good at something. But Kamryn believes that anyone can follow their dreams.

Her advice? “Take it one step at a time and know that you deserve to reach your goals. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do, because with determination you can do anything you want!”

It’s hard to think of a better example of that advice than Kamryn herself.

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  • Robert Guzzo

    I completely agree, Justina! She’s such a terrific role model and there so much more that Stacia could have written about her. What a sweet, kind & joyful spirit!

  • Justina

    What an inspirational young lady in and out! And my girls completely look up to this young lady.

  • Robert Guzzo


    Exactly! A girl who can devote hours of focused hard work each day for years is capable of accomplishing anything. Such an awesome young woman!

  • Kayla Fioravanti

    I love it! Her commitment to dance and the hard work it takes will help her succeed at anything in life. I LOVE hearing about kids and teenagers who dream of writing a book.

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