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A Mompreneur's Journey From Dreams to Sparkling Reality

Young girls need good role models.

And video can be such a powerful way to introduce girls to those role models. Women who can show a girl what it really looks like to pursue a big dream. Women who can spark a girl's imagination and help her to understand the challenges & rewards.

That's why I'm so excited to share our very first "HoneyBee Mentor" interview with you! It's the first in a series of videos that we will be producing. Each one will introduce girls to a career or field of study through the stories of a woman who is already on the path towards her own big dream.

You can watch the entire video below, but I invite you to read a little bit of her story first. It's the story of a woman who walked away from her corporate job to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship.

Anne Marie Esposito of Sparklefly Candles

Meet Anne Marie Esposito, Founder of Sparklefly Candle Company

It all started with a dream. An actual, literal dream.

"When I was younger, I had a dream one night that I had a candle business," explains Anne Marie Esposito, founder of Sparklefly Candle Company. "But it wasn't until years later that I actually made it come true."

In fact, it took a not-so-little push to take her from dream to reality.

"My daughter begged me to go for it," says Esposito. "She was just fluttering around me, and that's where the name 'Sparklefly' came from. She was this little girl, and I looked at her and thought: if I don't live my dream, how can I expect her to live hers?"

Her daughter may have contributed the sparkle, but it took a lot of faith & courage for Esposito to take the leap from working a job in corporate America to running a business full-time out of her own home.

The Daily Adventure of Entrepreneurship

Sparklefly makes home fragrance items like candles & "Sparkle Stones" (a flameless alternative) designed to help people find little moments of joy in their everyday lives. And Esposito manages every aspect of that business—manufacturing products, marketing, customer relations, order fulfillment—out of a modest workspace in her house.

All that in addition to her other full-time job: wife & mother to two children.

The work-at-home-mom paints the picture of a typical day. "Get the kids ready for school. Rush, rush, rush. In between it all, I'm on Instagram, Facebook, emails. I try to cram in as much as I can while they're at school."

Of course, for a mompreneur, "typical" is pretty loosely defined. "I try to keep a schedule, but it's really difficult to do that when you're a one-woman show!" Esposito continues, half-joking, "So, it's really just whatever ball is about to drop is the one I catch."

Still, there are many rewards to entrepreneurial life, even amidst the challenges & struggles.

Esposito shares that what she loves most is also one of the hardest things about the mompreneur life: every decision, big or small, is in her hands.

She says, "If I have a big project that has to get done, I have the choice of whether I want to take two hours that day, play with my children & stay up all night. Or if I'm going to incorporate them into helping me. I didn't have that choice when I was working in the corporate world."

 Advice for Young Entrepreneurs

"This is not for the meek," warns Esposito. For her, the key to sustaining yourself through the hard work is to "surround yourself with positive people, people that uplift you." But self-confidence is crucial. "If you don't have faith in yourself, you're not going to make it. Understand how strong you are, and how much you have inside you. Never be afraid to show that to other people."

But her biggest piece of advice for young girls with big dreams? "Play as much as you can right now. Discover the world around you, who you are, and bring that with you as you become an adult. Don't rush. Just be young."

Wise words from a woman whose dreams were fed by her experiences as a young girl, having fun with her mother on family trips.

Who knows what seeds Anne Marie Esposito is planting for her children? And what young lives her creations will touch?

"That's what it's all about," she says. "Just dreaming."

Are you a small business owner in the Southern California area that is interested in having a promotional video like this one filmed and produced for you? Contact Stacia Guzzo at stacia@handcraftedhoneybee.com to start the conversation.

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