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Could the Secret to Success Be Doing Fewer Things?

You know how Facebook shows you the photos that you posted in the past? Well, for the last two months, I've been seeing lots of glimpses from one year ago. And they mostly fall into three categories:

  1. Prepping for craft shows
  2. Packing for craft shows
  3. Selling at craft shows

Last year, over the course of 15 weeks, we sold at ten craft shows up and down the West Coast. (Robert wrote about the experience in a blog post from last August, if you want the full details.)

Some were one-day appearances, while others spanned three full days plus setup and tear-down. And the weekends we weren't at shows were spent preparing for the next show.

We worked on Mother's Day. We worked on Father's Day. Robert & I spent our anniversary on the road…driving back from a show!

There were so many benefits to such an intense period of activity. We had the chance to meet some amazing customers in person. We gained a clearer idea of who we are, what we stand for & what we could become.

But that clarity didn't happen while we were in the thick of it. We were simply too busy for reflection. We needed to take a step back from the hustle.

It actually took a total burnout to slow me down. Complete mental exhaustion & physical breakdown.

It didn't have to be that way. I could have been more intentional about making time to rest, reflect & recharge. I could have said "No" to more things, in order to create space for growth & direction. And I know I would have been healthier & happier as a result.

At Handcrafted HoneyBee, we are all about inspiring girls to dream big & cultivate success. We believe that a girl gains confidence & new skills through hard work.

But hard work is not enough.

We also need time. Time for play. Time for connecting with others. Time for quiet.

Time for dreaming.

This year, we are only selling at a few select shows. And we're spending more time with family. It won't be as busy as last year…but I suspect that I'll like my Facebook Flashbacks a whole lot better.

And I know that we'll still be growing, even if we're not "doing" as much.

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