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My Valentine’s Day Message to My Former Self

I’m going to get personal for a moment, because we’re all about helping women & girls to feel empowered and confident. And in my life, I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days feeling less than confident.

Back in my single days, there was a guy I really liked for awhile. On one Valentine’s Day, he printed out a card for me from his computer and signed it “Love, _______.”

I remember holding onto it for months because he had signed it “love” and wondered what it could mean. Could that special outpouring of affection be the sign of something bigger?! Could the be the beginning of a real relationship?

But the thing is, when somebody really loves you, you never have to guess about it. They say it every day–in their words, in the glances they give you, in the way they do little (or big) things to help you, in the way they encourage you, in the way the relationship inspires you to be a better version of yourself.

Robert and I have now been together for 10 years, and we couldn’t be a stronger team. We’re more in love than when we got married.

But we don’t really “celebrate” Valentine’s Day.

He doesn’t usually get me flowers or jewelry or chocolates. And that’s not to say I don’t like those things (heck, if that guy back from my single days had gotten me a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day, I probably would have been planning the next 60 years with him!).

But my guy shows me every single day that he loves and believes in me. Every day, we know that each one values the other. We don’t need an arbitrary occasion to bring that to light.

So for all my girls out there who might be feeling a little less than empowered or inspired today (I get it–I’ve been there), I want you to know one very important thing.

You are amazing, beautiful, and valuable every single day.

If you meet a person who can help remind you of that, awesome! And if you don’t, it can never diminish that truth.

Today is a day where we are encouraged to show love. Let’s love ourselves first. Every day. Because we are worthy of love. Every. Single. Day.

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