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What’s the Point of Dreaming Big?

The beginning of a new year can be exciting. It can be a time of plans, goals, and resolutions. The entire year is waiting, full of potential and rich with possibilities.

So why do so many New Year’s resolutions end up being broken and abandoned before January is even over? Why does it seem impossible to break bad habits? Why does it seem so hard to commit to small changes?

Maybe you just need to think bigger.

Now Is the Time to Start Dreaming Big

The problem with most resolutions is that they aren’t anchored to a greater purpose. Take a look at the kinds of resolutions you have made in the past, and I bet that most of them fall into your list of “100 things I’d like to improve about myself”. It’s impossible to stay on-track and committed to a list like that–and all too easy to beat yourself up when you inevitably fall short.

Now, take a minute to imagine something different. What’s your biggest dream for yourself? What have you always wished for your life, but haven’t had the courage to pursue?

What if your New Year’s resolutions were tangible, objective steps devoted to getting you one step closer to that dream?

Now I have another question for you: what’s stopping you from living a life of dreaming big for yourself?

Don’t Let the Past Discourage You

Maybe you feel like you’ve failed before. Maybe you feel like it’s too late to chase that dream. Maybe you feel like you’re not ready yet, that you’re not prepared, that you have just one thing to take care of before you can really get started.

But you are ready. And you can start today.

You may be wondering: what’s the point? How can you afford to dream big when it’s so hard to maintain even a small resolution?

But a big dream is exactly what you need.

Big Dreams Give Life Meaning

Think about your life as if it were your favorite novel. Great stories have the power to draw you in, capture your imagination, and stick with you. They have grand and timeless themes. You know exactly what a great story is about.

Your big dream is the storyline for your life’s novel. It’s what you stand for. It’s what you will be remembered for. And it represents your best chance to move towards greater happiness, fulfillment, and peace.

You should not have to settle for anything less.

We Rise Together

And you don’t have to dream alone.

When you have a big dream, it can become a rallying point for those around you, creating a sense of community and fellowship. Pursuing a big dream sets an example for others to follow, reminding them that they too are worthy of seeking something greater than themselves.

Even if you don’t reach that ultimate goal, the journey taken and the lessons you learn along the way can benefit so many lives–not just your own. I overheard my two boys playing “business” the other day, and it gave me strength to know that my big dream was helping them to grow and explore.

You Are Worthy of a Big Dream

What’s the point of dreaming big? Because you will find that everything begins to align and come into focus as your pursue that dream. Because big dreams connect you more deeply with the people in your life and can introduce you to new and amazing relationships with friends you have yet to meet. But most of all because you are worthy of a big dream. We all are.

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