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Buy Gifts with a Story This Year

One mark of a good year is looking back at all the friends you’ve made along the way.

By that measure, 2015 was a tremendous year for our little business. Over the course of the last twelve months at shows, pitches and conferences, we have met so many people who have become loyal customers, fantastic partners, and great friends.

But we never expected to get to know so many amazing makers or discover so many talented entrepreneurs this year! Everywhere we went, we were astounded by the company we kept. We saw people we had admired for years and we met so many new businesses that were already making names for themselves.

Shop Small for Your Gifts This Year

This year’s holiday gift guide has a special focus on some of best makers we met this year. Check them out and you’ll be as impressed as we are.

Rachel’s Plan Bee

Rachel makes incredibly nourishing bath and body products, specifically designed to help you slow down, nurture yourself and celebrate the little things. Her body polish is a delight for the senses. And her facial oil and body oils are divine! They’re like a small-scale spa treatment.

Sparklefly Candle Company

Anne is a master of blending fragrances to create unique and distinctive candles. Her candles are comforting for heart and soul. They celebrate laughter, love, and joy, and they bring a little more light into this world. She even offers Sparkle Stones, a beautiful flameless alternative to candles.

Careful It Bites!

Kelice is a talented seamstress from the Pacific Northwest with a love for fanciful and wonderful creatures “from the deep wilds and far corners.” From woolly yetis to adorable bats to cat balls and dust bunnies, she has created a menagerie of cuddly animals that will bring a smile to child and grown-up alike.

Poem Store

Jacqueline is a professional poet. Every Sunday, she sets up a small table and her antique typewriter at the Hollywood Farmers Market and instantly types out an impromptu poem on any subject the customer requests in exchange for a donation. Now, you can commission an exquisitely crafted poem of your own by contacting her online.


Lane is a dreamer, a designer, and an adventurer. She creates one-of-a-kind superhero capes, cuffs, hats, and crowns for children to play, to imagine, and to explore. Everything is hand printed in her studio in the heart of Savannah, GA. Check it out and you’ll find yourself wishing that she made for grown-ups too!

Aegis Handcraft

Jess is a one-woman show, designing and creating beautiful denim and leather goods out of her workshop in Berkeley, CA. She believes that how a product is made is just as important as the product itself–and it shows. Her denim bags are gorgeous, functional, and made to last. In fact, they are designed to get better with age!

Goat & Kettle

Justin takes antique keys and transforms them into heirloom quality rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Perfect for the person in your life who likes classically distinctive items repurposed into something new.

Pelham Goods

Their homepage, in Spanish: http://www.pelham.cl/tienda/
Or shop on etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PelhamGoods
Flavia and Alejandro are designers from Chile who believe that the world can become a better place if we can each find beauty in everyday things. Go to their site and you’ll find everything from phone cases to notebooks to tea towels, each with a distinctive artistic style reflected by the complementary personalities of this husband and wife team.

There are so many more makers I would love to list here. This is just a little sample of the fantastic and varied creative work going on all around the country. No matter the occasion, you cannot go wrong with any gifts made by one of these talented businesses!

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