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Make Learning Fun with a Lip Balm Kit

At Handcrafted Honeybee, we believe that you can make learning fun when a girl can engage both sides of her brain. Our DIY skin care kits provide the perfect blend of the creative and the analytical, appealing to a girl’s artistic sense, her curiosity, and her ingenuity.

And making lip balms from scratch can unlock the perfect opportunity to have real conversations with a girl and open her mind to dreaming big for herself and her future.

Here are a just a few of the ways that you can use a simple lip balm kit to fuel a girl’s love for learning and have fun at the same time!

Measuring, blending, melting and pouring

  • Unleash her inner chef by encouraging her to measure the contents carefully rather than just pouring everything out into a container for melting.
  • Record every measurement and she has a repeatable recipe for a great lip balm! What might happen if we changed the ratio of oils to wax in this recipe?
  • Make observations as the contents of the jar slowly melt and as she blends everything together. What would happen if you didn’t stir up the melted contents?

Where does each ingredient come from?

Contained in that simple question is a geography lesson, a biology lesson, a chemistry lesson, and even a lesson in geopolitics.

  • Did you know that shea butter comes from a tree that only grows in two war-torn regions of sub-Saharan Africa? Can you find them on a map?
  • Did you know that lanolin and beeswax are both harvested without harming the animals that make them? There are videos online showing how it’s done!
  • Did you know that Vitamin E is extracted and refined from either vegetable oil or wheat germ oil and it functions as an antioxidant?

What would it take if you wanted to sell these?

Learning about business and economics can feel boring. But you can make learning fun and inspire a young enterprising mind with some simple questions:

  • Would people want to buy her lip balms? How could she find that out?
  • What people would be her likely customers, and how could she convince them that her lip balm was better than what they can buy at a drug store?
  • How much would she charge in order to make things worth it?

What does each ingredient do?

Although we like to keep our kit instructions streamlined, we have lots more information online about the benefits of each ingredient. The lip balm recipe we have developed for our kits is a nice balance between moisturizing emollients, stabilizing wax, flavoring oil, and antioxidant. You can find out more by following the link on the instruction card included in every kit.

Designing fun labels

It’s the art that completes this craft project!

  • On sketch paper, help her to plan out a label design that expresses her creative side, makes the lip balm unique to her, and showcases the work of her hands.
  • Remember to test out the prototype design by curling that sketch paper into a tube, so she can visualize how the final design will look on the lip balm itself.

You get lots of time to talk when you are working side-by-side with someone on a fun project. It’s a chance to deepen the relationship, but it’s also an opportunity to plant seeds that may sprout into full-fledged ideas, passions, and plans.

You never know where a simple question might lead. If you make learning fun, it could be just the spark needed to ignite a big dream.

If you’re interested in making lip balms with someone you love, you can purchase one of our lip balm kits right here! And email us to let us know what kinds of conversations and questions came up as you made it. We read everything people write us, and we want to hear from you.

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