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Make Skin Care Products Like a Pro 

When we talk with people about our skin care kits, we always emphasize just how easy and fun it can be. We talk about how empowering it feels to make skin care from scratch with natural ingredients that help you to care for your body. We talk about how real beauty comes from the confidence and strength we possess, rather than the products we apply to skin. (Want to find out more about what we believe? See our About Us page.)

But there’s another thing to keep in mind when you make skin care in your own home. You’ve got to keep things clean.

What is GMP?

The cosmetics industry operates under a set of guidelines called Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMP. These guidelines govern everything from the conditions of the manufacturing facility, to the cleanliness of the equipment and personnel, to the processes followed and records kept for production.

The professionals follow GMP because it provides them traceability and consistency in their production line. Customers benefit from GMP as well, in the form of safer products, unadulterated ingredients, and responsiveness to customer complaints.

How We Run Our Production Studio

Whenever we make products for our Created Collection or assemble the components of our skin care kits, we follow GMP. All production takes place in a studio adjacent to our home and never comes in contact with food or utensils from the kitchen. We wear gloves and hairnets whenever handling open product. We maintain records and lot numbers to help us investigate any issues and contact customers as promptly as possible.

For us, running a clean studio with well-documented procedures is about more than following an industry standard. It is a sign of our respect for the craft and our love for our customers. We believe in the joy to be found by making things and we work hard to create experiences that build your confidence. That’s why we work closely with suppliers we trust, and that’s why we apply care & attention to everything we touch before sending it to you and your loved ones.

What You Can Do in Your Home

You don’t have to follow the same strict protocols that we do, but there are few simple steps you can follow to keep things clean and fresh when you make skin care for yourself at home:

  • Carefully follow the instructions
    If you don’t know where to start, don’t stress. Our kits always come with detailed instructions that take all the guesswork out of the process. We also offer toll-free support over the phone (844-4-DIY-KIT), if you ever have any questions or run into problems.
  • Wash your hands
    We love encouraging people to work with their hands. But let’s face it: well-worked hands can get pretty dirty. Clean hands are the best way to keep bacteria and other nastiness out of what you make, whether it’s home cooked meals or homemade skin care.
  • Watch out for water
    Water provides a medium for bacteria, yeast and mold to grow. So you want to do you your best to ensure that you keep water out of your skin care products. That means drying off those hands after you wash them. It also means keeping any beverages well away from where you work. It’s also why you want your pot of water running at a simmer–and not a rolling boil–when you melt oils and wax using the Double-boiler Method.
  • Avoid cross-contamination
    Although we never mix kitchen utensils with studio tools at Handcrafted Honey Bee, the DIYer doesn’t need to be as strict. Our kits minimize the number of tools you need to provide by including clean and unused pipettes, stirring sticks, mixing cups, etc. Still, for some products, you do need to provide a microwave-safe container. Ensure this container is clean and sterilized, in order to avoid introducing bacteria to your recipe. Running it through your dishwasher with the “heat dry” option should be sufficient.

We know that it can be a fun, empowering, and memorable experience to make skin care for yourself. By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy that product with confidence…even if you didn’t put on a fancy hairnet and lab coat to make it!

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