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Behind the Scenes: 7.5.15

About a month ago, I decided I wanted to write a blog every day for five weeks. It’s been no secret that I’ve been wanting to shift the focus of our company from a simple DIY kit business to a business that encourages active participation in cultivating confidence amongst women and young women. I wanted to begin to establish a good foundation of different insights about that movement on our blog–things that you as the readers and customers could recognize as fundamental values for Handcrafted Honey Bee. It’s been quite the daunting task to commit to a daily blog for over 30 days, but I hope you’ve been enjoying the ride!

In the midst of it all, we’ve also been on the road a lot. We actually had a different show every single weekend in June! The most recent was our trip to Seattle to sell at Urban Craft Uprising, which you can read more about here.

We’re also gearing up to get ready for a weekend in San Francisco at Renegade San Francisco. We’ll be doing a 20′ x 10′ booth, dedicating half of the booth to our ever-improving DIY clay mask bar and the other half of the booth to showcasing our kits and skin care.

That show is going to be especially exciting. First, we get to have an entire day dedicated to potential wholesale customers (if you live in the Bay Area and want to see our products in some of the stores you love, send them over to the wholesale day on July 17th!). Secondly, we’ll be packing up our booth on Sunday night–and then within 4 hours of the close of the show, we’ll be headed to the airport to take a red eye flight straight to New York.

Yes! New York! I snuck the announcement into a blog post earlier this week, but we have very exciting news. Handcrafted Honey Bee was chosen out of over 5000 applicants to be one of the 30 businesses to participate in the Etsy Open Call day at Etsy HQ in New York. On July 21st, Robert and I will pitch Handcrafted Honey Bee’s products to buyers from Nordstrom, Land of Nod, Walker Art Center, Lou & Grey, & Clementine, as well as an editor from Refinery 29. We’ll also be having our photography analyzed by the folks at Canon, who will give us some tips and tricks to improve our photographs and tell our story even better in the visual realm. At the end of the day, we’ll find out whether any (or several) of the stores would like to place a wholesale order to carry Handcrafted Honey Bee products.

It is bound to be an exciting trip, especially considering that we’ll have to hop back on a plane and head home as soon as we’ve pitched and slept a few hours! After all, Robert does still have a day job…and he’s been incredibly generous with his vacation time, dedicating practically all of it so far to Handcrafted Honey Bee. So unfortunately, we can’t stick around and take in the NYC sights this time around. Hopefully someday we’ll have the freedom to do so, though. :)

Finally, we just got word that we’ve also been accepted into the UNIQUE LA summer show in August. You might remember that we also did their spring show–and threw up a pretty awesome booth while we were there! You can see the video of our booth setup here.

In addition to all of the excitement surrounding the shows, Robert and I have also been working hard behind-the-scenes on the future offerings of HHB.

As you can see from our mission, our goal is to provide more than products…we want to provide experiences. Why? Because nothing changes a mindset like an experience. And we are setting out to change mindsets. So we have some pretty exciting ideas for experiences we’re crafting in the background. Stay tuned for more of that…we may even have a few things ready by the end of the summer.

Our retailer list is also growing! We are consistently getting inquiries about carrying our products, and I’m hoping to announce some exciting new stores in the very near future, including stores in two new states! If you know a store that might be interested in carrying our products, send them here and let them know we’d be happy to chat with them!

As far as our products–our DIY Lip Balm Kit and our probiotic deodorant continue to be our two best sellers. I am so thrilled to continually hear great feedback from our customers with these two products! Here’s the latest praise for our lip balm kit:

“I received this as a gift and loved it so much that I promptly ordered two as gifts for both of my sister-in-laws. Fun activity, great quality. I was also impressed that I received a handwritten note from the owner thanking me for the purchases- this is the kind of family business I love to support!!!”

…And I got this private message regarding our deodorant:

“We just got back from camping. I gave your deo another good test…camping with no showers for 3 days in 90 degree heat. Plus hiking. It passed. I really think you’ve done it…you’ve made a natural deodorant that actually works.”

I’m so grateful to hear feedback like this, and appreciate each and every customer we have! A special thank you for those of you who take the time to write a review or to send me feedback–no matter what your experience has been. Every ounce of feedback helps us constantly work to improve our products and build relationships with our customers.

Do you have any feedback, comments, or questions for us–from products to our company mission to blog ideas? I’d love to answer anything I can in the comment section below. As always, thanks for being with us along this journey–we’re growing, changing, and hopefully providing products and experiences that are helping you see a little more Beautiful every day.

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