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The Power of Words Spoken

As I’ve mentioned before, words can be quite powerful.

Like the years I was called “Ogre” as I was growing up.

…or that time in fourth grade when one of my classmates teased, “Well at least I don’t have a retarded brother!”

…the time an ex-boyfriend told me things that made me feel worthless.

…the time my future husband said, “I can’t imagine my life without you in it.”

…the time my midwife told me, “You can do this. You are strong enough.”

…the time my four-year-old said, “Mommy, you look so beautiful to me.”

There is something about hearing words, about hearing the human voice, that can resonate without our hearts like music–shaping, caressing, encouraging, pleading, commiserating, uplifting.

Sometimes hearing someone else’s voice can change the way we perceive a message. It takes us to the source. It helps us to feel more connected to the content.

And while the written word can be incredibly poetic and has an intrinsic beauty that is undeniable, I also want to give you the opportunity to experience the messages we are discussing here in the spoken word. Perhaps you don’t have time to read a blog post every day; perhaps you enjoy podcasts; perhaps you just want to hear the message in an additional medium.

Experience the power of our blog in the spoken word here.

This 4-minute mini-podcast is on a new platform called Spoken that celebrates the human voice. They’re still refining the website, but I am thinking it will be a wonderful way to continue to branch out the message–especially if you know people with whom you want to share our message but who don’t read blogs.

I encourage you to listen and I would love and appreciate feedback. Do you find power in the spoken word? If so, is this a way that you’d love to hear messages from Handcrafted Honey Bee (in addition to the blogs)?

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