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Why Compassion Matters

I don’t think we can underestimate the importance of compassion.

The word compassion literally means “to suffer with.” It is the act of reaching inside of yourself and honoring the experience of another. It is affirming that there is a real struggle going on–regardless of whether or not you are in agreement with their perception of the struggle. It is stepping outside of ego, outside of the need to be right or to be heard, outside of the need to make your point, and outside of the need to persuade or change someone’s mind.

Compassion means to step into someone else’s experience and say, “You are not alone here.”

Compassion is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things. -Thomas Merton

To act with compassion, it is not necessary to agree. To act with compassion, it doesn’t mean you need to fix it. To act with compassion, you simply need to dwell with someone in the circumstances of their heart for awhile.

And in the dwelling, you will find yourself unexpectedly undone, reshaped, and transformed.


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