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Aligning the Path: Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

It’s a catch-22.

Sometimes in order to embrace your fullest potential and accomplish your greatest achievements, you have to also face the things that seem the most impossible, the scariest, and the most unlikely to surmount.

Living into your fullest potential involves risking your own comfort. It requires stepping out into the unknown, acknowledging that there is a possibility that you won’t step back. It demands that you reach beyond that which you know you can do into what you feel in your gut that you were made to do.

There are growing pains and stretching pains that come with these long strides. Sometimes the road takes longer than you originally thought it would–certainly longer than you wish it would.

And sometimes the only thing you have to go on is that feeling–that deep, resonating and rock-solid feeling–that you were absolutely meant to do something more.

It might be the case that your potential doesn’t align with your current trajectory. Take comfort in knowing: even the smallest course change can make a substantial difference miles down the road. At the same time, expect that the realignment may also make you feel dizzy and off-balance in the beginning. It might take a bit to feel oriented again.

You are the only one who knows your potential. It’s that feeling deep in your gut–that longing for something more. To do more. To be more. To constantly become a better version of yourself. 

No one else can define it for you. And no one else can be brave for you as you step toward it.

But once you are aligned with living into your potential, you’ll know. You’ll know because you’ll feel it course through your veins and resonate through your very bones. You’ll know that you are becoming who you were meant to be all along; like when the colors on a canvas finally begin to make sense as the painter fills them in. And that knowledge–that deep, abiding knowledge in your gut–begins to fill in the courage for the next step. And the next. And the next.

You know who you are meant to be. Is your path aligned with your potential?

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