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The One Way You’re Perfect

by Robert Guzzo, co-founder of Handcrafted Honey Bee

It’s so easy to see the flaws when we look in the mirror.

We are imperfect beings, so flaws are inevitable. Everywhere we look, we are guaranteed to find something that fails to measure up.

It’s not just the things we can see. It is so easy to search inside and find ourselves falling short–on courage, on intelligence, on tenacity, on health. We hold out this perfect image of ourselves for comparison to the way we should be and the qualities we should haveAnd compared to that “perfect” person, we will never be enough.

But what if I told you that you are using the wrong measuring stick? What if I told you that the only thing wrong with you was that you have the wrong eyes?

Close those eyes for a minute and imagine someone that you have truly loved in your life. Think of all the qualities you cherish in that someone you love. Think of every memory, every moment, every feeling you have shared with that someone. Think of all the things that will be missing from the world when they are gone. Any flaws, any limitations, any failings–these are nothing compared to that.

Now that you have that thought in your mind, I want to invite you to see yourself with new eyes. Because the most wonderful thing about this world is that there is someone who loves you just as much as that. See yourself with their eyes–with the eyes of love–and your flaws and imperfections won’t disappear. They just don’t matter anymore.

The truth is that you are imperfect in every way, except in one respect. You are perfectly loveable.

You may not feel it all the time. You may never feel it or hear it. But you were made to be loved and you are loved right this very minute. Love is not about what you do today or what you can be someday. Love is about who you are. The whole unique, messy, broken, flawed package.

There is someone in this world who loves you. Not despite of everything, but because everything you are is beautiful.

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