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Meet Anne Marie Esposito of Sparklefly Candle Company

One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur in this incredible age of technology is that we’re able to connect and collaborate with other budding entrepreneurs even though we might live half a world away. Through various business groups such as the Indie Business Network and the Secrets to Wholesale Success Program with Lucky Break Consulting, I’ve had the opportunity to network and even form friendships with people that I’ve never even met in person. These friendships are such a blessing–from the Pacific Northwest to the East Coast and even to Australia, I’ve connected and bonded with fellow businesswomen who are working hard to build their dreams and support their families. One of those wonderful entrepreneurs is Anne Marie Esposito, president and founder of Sparklefly Candle Company.

Anne Marie is an fantastic entrepreneur–but she’s also a pretty wonderful person, too. If you’ve bought a kit from us within the last month, you might have been one of the lucky recipients of a sample of her Sparkle Stones (aren’t they amaaaaaazing?!). I recently had the chance to virtually sit down with Anne Marie (once again, grateful for technology as she’s in New York and I’m in California) and chat about her inspiration behind Sparklefly, the meaning behind the name, and what sets her apart.

I hope you enjoy the interview with Anne Marie, and definitely check out her page when you’re done reading the post. You won’t want to miss out on the love-infused products she makes…there’s a Sparklefly product in practically every room of my home!

Q. What was your inspiration in starting Sparklefly Candle Company?

Anne Marie: My love affair with candles started at a young age when travelling with my family. When I was in my teens, I would take home scented candles from each trip as a remembrance of where we went and enjoy them with my mother at home. This was a special bond that only she and I shared, memories that I hold dear. I would get so excited in those days to smell each one and choose the one or two that would make the cut. I fell in love with some of those brands and became a candleholic. Unfortunately, not all of the ones that smelled so amazing in the jar [at the store] gave me the experience I wanted once I brought them home, but the ones that did, OH!, those inspired me. As I grew older, I dreamed of learning and so I did. After over a decade of honing my craft, I was at a point in my life where I needed to decide: do I keep doing what I have been doing or do I take a leap of faith? It was my daughter that kept encouraging me. She was persistent. She was positive. She was a BELIEVER, like children typically are. She ignited my excitement. She awakened my courage. She inspired my love and creativity as she fluttered around me and made me a believer too.

Q. Talk to me about the name. What’s the meaning behind it?

Anne Marie: My daughter is the original Sparklefly. She “sparked” that dreamer and creative side in me. She flew around me like a butterfly softly whispering for me to take flight with her. Since then, the meaning has expanded to anything or anyone that ignites that spark in you. It’s that friend that encourages you. It’s that sister that is always there for you. It’s your children, which remind you how beautiful life is. It’s your love that inspires you to be better. Most importantly, it’s YOU, you are a Sparklefly to everyone around you. Now, everything I do with Sparklefly is to attempt to “Spark” these things in others.

orange pepper new

 Q. What is your personal favorite candle/sparkle stone scent and why?

Anne Marie: Now THIS is a difficult question for a genuine candle-lover. I am going to admit right now that my favorites change as the seasons do or as my mood does. For grey, rainy days, I love the more comforting scents of By the Fire or Lemon Poppyseed. When I’m feeling happy and the sun is shining, I tend to go for those fruity scents like Sangria Punch or Ginger Lime. BUT, my ultimate favorite scent, any day, any time, all year round is Sweet Orange Chili Pepper. It is such a happy, surprising scent. I LOVE watching someone smell it for the first time and seeing their face light up and smile. You just can’t help it.

Q. I personally love using your candles. Can you tell HHB customers why your candles are so amazing? What makes them unique?

Anne Marie: First, thank you for the love, it means so much to me and my family. I believe what makes my candles so unique is the thought that is put into each step of the process to ensure that you are experiencing that joy that I was seeking with my mother so many years ago. When you receive your package, I want you to feel like you are opening a gift. I want you to feel excitement when the postman comes to your door. I want you to feel inspired, special. It starts in product development with selecting only the finest ingredients, choosing the right colors, listening to my customer’s needs/feedback instead of solely following trends. It continues through production with creating each product by hand in small batches to control quality and integrity. Then through the finishing touches of the handmade, glass beaded chains, the packaging, the handwritten letters, that personal touch. I want to give my customers the feeling that they didn’t just purchase a candle, they purchased an experience. I am always trying to improve upon that experience.

Isn’t Anne Marie just amazing? I love supporting a company that not only makes a great product, but that really puts heart and soul into the work it does. Anne Marie has heart and soul in spades…and we are so happy to be able to introduce you to this wonderful company.

Want to know where to find Sparklefly Candles on the web?

Website: http://www.sparkleflycandles.com/

Blog: http://www.sparkleflycandles.com/blog/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sparkleflycandles

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SparkleflyCandl

Instagram: https://instagram.com/sparkleflycandles/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/sparklefly13/


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