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Things Are About to Get Personal

I’ve held off on announcing this beyond my circle of friends until now, but it’s time. I’m ready to kick things into high gear and bring you all along for the ride.

Very soon, things are going to get personal in the world of Handcrafted Honey Bee. As I’ve grown this business over the last 15 months, one of the most important aspects of being a business owner has been connecting with my customers. I truly love learning about why healthy skin care is important to them, who they made products for, and why they love to DIY. I just love hearing their stories, varied and beautiful and touching.

But because I feel like I want to nourish a relationship with our customers, it occurred to me that just listening to their stories wasn’t quite enough. After all, isn’t a relationship built on a mutual sense of sharing and respect?

So…I feel it’s time to share my story with you.

Many of you know why I started Handcrafted Honey Bee in January of 2014. I wanted to share a love of making quality, fresh skin care with as many people as possible. I wanted people to feel empowered like I felt empowered the very first time I poured a batch of lip balm. I wanted to create opportunities for fun activities between parents and children, for creative and customized handcrafted gifts for friends and loved ones, and to provide a DIY option for people who were looking to take care of their skin in the most knowledge-driven way possible.

And if I look even further, the foundation for the business has always been an appreciation for the human body. I believe that every body is intrinsically beautiful, and deserves respectful care. I believe that bodies deserve skin care with high quality ingredients that are nourishing rather than harmful. I believe that skin care should make us feel beautiful, too–and that sometimes we feel empowered by and proud of what we are using on our skin.

Women’s bodies. Men’s bodies. Children’s bodies. Mature bodies. Bodies long and lean. Bodies curvy and voluptuous. Our bodies carry us through this world with a strength and grace that we often take for granted–or worse, that we deny because we feel like we aren’t good enough/pretty enough/young enough/whatever enough.

But the truth remains: our bodies are all beautiful. In their wild and gorgeous and incredible diversity, they are all beautiful.  And we deserve to recognize that beauty.

It has always been my hope that Handcrafted Honey Bee can, in some small way, help women to recognize that beauty through a sense of empowerment and attentiveness in their skin care.

What many of you may not know, however, was the winding journey that led up to the day that I launched the Handcrafted Honey Bee website, and the reason why I am so committed to helping women not only recognize but rejoice in the inherent beauty of their bodies.

My personal journey with my body has been a long one. It is a story of life-threatening eating disorders, of assault, of gaining unhealthy weight, of getting fit, of illness, of surgery, of pregnancy, of birth, of loss. It is a story that includes strength and a story that includes scars. It is the story of a body that has always been beautiful, but a mind that has not always understood that. And it is not a unique story.

It’s a story that is the same story of many, many women.  And so…it’s a story that I want to tell. Because it is also a story of healing.

Over the last month, I have started to write my story in the form of a book. I anticipate it will be done by early summer, and I am pushing hard to make that happen. But it won’t simply be a recounting of my own journey–I also hope to include messages of hope, reflections and meditations that women can use to encourage them in the journey of self-love and appreciation, and a skin care recipe at the end of every chapter that a woman can make and use on herself as an opportunity for self-appreciation. Every recipe will be one that goes along with the “theme” of that chapter, so it can be a transformative opportunity for us to take the struggle and change it into a chance for rejoicing. Above all, I want it to be a message of encouragement, of empowerment, and of hope.

I have four chapters written–about 1/3 of the book as I’ve planned it. And now that I’ve let you in on it, I’m looking forward to keeping you posted on my progress. It has definitely been both an internal and external adventure so far (with the emotion of writing and the added challenge of two young kiddos to care for during the day) but I’m up for it.

Because our stories deserve to be shared. And our bodies deserve to be celebrated.

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