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The Containers That Keep On Giving

Last week, I wrote a little about some of the changes we’re making and the reasons behind them.

One of those changes is a movement toward more sustainable containers & packaging, because we live in a world where we throw away 300 million tons of synthetic materials each year–something to which Handcrafted Honey Bee doesn’t want to contribute! For some businesses, little or no packaging is a business model that can help with goal. However, our kits (by their very nature) need a certain amount of containers to keep the individual components separate, clean, and safely enclosed until you want to use them. Some of the packaging materials, like our  boxes, component labels, and some of our baggies, are made from both recycled and recyclable material. Other containers, like our bottles and jars, can be both recycled and reused.

You know how to recycle them, but you might be wondering…how might you reuse them? Well…we’ve come up with quite a few options for you. And we’d like to hear your ideas, too!

1. Use your boxes to hold small toys, arts & craft pieces, or markers & crayons.

 2. Use your jars to hold paper clips & push pins.

3. Use your jars to hold paint when you do art projects with your children–and you can use bottles to hold water so they can wash their brushes off easily!

4. Use your bottles as a tiny vase for pretty garden flowers to brighten your day.

These are only a few of the options I snagged pictures of, but here are some other re-use options, too!

HHB kit boxes

  • A pencil/pen box
  • Make-up box
  • Travel art/distraction pack for a car or plane

Bottles (1 oz – 4 oz)

  • A travel shampoo/conditioner bottle
  • A maraca–just fill halfway with rice or flax seeds (thank you customer Christine for that great idea!)

Smaller Jars (1/4 oz – 1 oz)

  • Mixing clay masks
  • A travel container for facial lotion
  • Seed storage for garden seeds
  • Ring holder (to hold rings by your bed at night)

Bigger Jars

  • Travel body lotion
  • Bead holder for bead crafts
  • Homemade play-dough holder

What other things might be a fun way to re-use the bottles, jars, bags and boxes that come with your kits? Comment here–or post pictures of your imaginative re-uses on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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