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Change is coming…

I’m really excited about Thursday.

For the last 3 weeks, I’ve been diligently planning, preparing, and yep–sitting on my hands so I don’t spill all of the beans at once. But if you’ve been following our Facebook page, you’ve had a sneak peek at some of the fantastic things that are in store.

Consider how awesome the following things are going to be:

  • FREE customized labels with every kit
  • a library of themed labels so you can have a label for every occasion
  • lowered shipping cost (from $5 down to $2.99, flat rate)
  • new beautiful amber bottles and jars for all of our components
  • all of our component labels are now 100% recycled and recyclable
  • 100% fair trade shea and cocoa butter, 100% organic cocoa butter, and USA-based beeswax
  • new & automatic VIP upgrades with perks based on purchases from that year

What sparked all of this change? Well…at the beginning of December, we took a step back and began to look at our internal numbers. There were a few raw materials that had raised significantly in price, so we already knew we were going to have to make some price adjustments. But there was more to it than that. Deep in both of our hearts, Robert and I had been feeling drawn more and more toward ensuring our company was socially responsible. We want to be a company that appreciates & respects the people that make it possible for us to be able to have our raw materials, and we want to become a more eco-conscious company as well.

In short, we want to be a company that makes a difference, no matter how small. We want to be a company that stands for something.

As a result of this, a great internal shift began.


We began to consider the stories that might be behind our raw materials. We began to look into some of the issues of justice surrounding the harvest of shea butter, cocoa butter, & other materials. We began to reach out and try to connect with suppliers as closely as possible to the direct source. We began to think about how our kit boxes and components could incorporate as many recycled and recyclable materials as possible, and how we could encourage our customers to reuse the containers that are included in the kits.

We began to refine our core values–what we stand for, and the factors that we want to drive us as a company.


We knew that if we were to become a socially-conscious company, increased prices for raw materials & eco-friendly packaging would naturally be a part of it (due to the intrinsically higher cost of those materials). But we didn’t want to just raise prices and leave it at that. We wanted to make your entire DIY experience even more amazing. We began brainstorming about ways to make Handcrafted Honey Bee better in as many ways possible.

And so the process of transformation began, and it is continuing. We are so happy that you are joining us in this journey. Although we are a small family business, we feel we have a larger opportunity to increase a global sense of connection through encouraging these opportunities for creativity. We want Handcrafted Honey Bee to be about more than simply a DIY product in a box. We want Handcrafted Honey Bee to provide the invitation to support a woman in war-torn Uganda who is rebuilding her life by harvesting shea nuts at a fair wage. We want Handcrafted Honey Bee to give you the opportunity to spend a few hours with a loved one, having an experience that both of you will remember long after the lip balm has been used up or the last clay mask has been applied. We want our collective stories to intersect and intertwine, and we can’t wait to keep the story going (feel free to use #MyDIYstory to begin to foster those connections!).

Believe me when I say…this is just the beginning. I have a feeling 2015 is going to be an amazing year for us all!

Please note: Upgrades and price changes will be in effect starting January 15th, 2015.

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