Running a business is hard work–especially when my work space and my home are intertwined and I’m juggling a couple of tiny guys under 4 throughout my work day (well, I’m not technically juggling them…usually. But you get my drift). So some days, I just need a little pick-me-up to help keep the hope and energy flowing freely…and boy, did I get that this morning. 

When I turned on my computer, some great news was waiting for me…Handcrafted Honey Bee is a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made contest! What does this mean, you might ask? Well, thousands upon thousands of makers were nominated in the initial competition. Out of those thousands, 800 finalists were chosen by judges along with 200 wildcard finalists based on social media shares. It was actually a very tight race!

Now, of these 1,000 finalists, 10 will be chosen to receive $10,000 each, a promotional video, a possible spot in Martha Stewart Living, a possible spot on SiriusXM radio, and a trip to NYC to be featured at Martha Stewart’s American Made Summit in November. Eeek! Our product is so unique, I think we might actually have a chance at winning. There’s nothing like it out there!

I’ll be keeping you posted, but voting starts next Monday. I would appreciate it with all of my heart if you helped us out by voting for us as often as possible between 9/15-10/13. Boy, would this kind of exposure sure help our business! We know we have a great product, but the challenge has definitely been getting the word out. So any positive thoughts, prayers, hopes, juju, or any other happy energy sent our way would be much appreciated (oh yes, and votes too!).

Thank you to each and every one of you for your continued support of our family-run business. It means the world to me!  -Stacia

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