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A Special Valentine's Day Freebie!

Now more than ever, connecting with one another matters.

I've always liked making personalized gifts for people – in part because I always use the time spent making the gifts to think about why the recipients are important to me.

Yet Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that often falls into the not-so-meaningful gift category, especially if you have kids. Boxes of chalky hearts, cartoon character valentines, and cheap last-minute gifts seem to line the aisles this time of year, waiting for reluctant parents that don't want their kids to be the only ones to show up without something for their classmat

Now, more than ever, we need to connect in ways that mean something. We need to cultivate intentional participation in one another's lives.

So when Robert and I were talking about Valentine's Day recently, we thought of a small way we could contribute to thoughtful gift-giving on a holiday that typically doesn't mean much for kids (but where many are often expected to bring things for classmates).

If you've read about our lip balm kit, you know that it's a fun, educational craft that makes 8 lip balms in under 20 minutes (or 16 lip balms if you've gotten the lip balm kit + expansion set). This kit typically comes with blank labels for the lip balms.

For Valentine's Day, we thought we'd offer a special option for families that want to give out a thoughtful handmade gift instead of mass-produced boxes of candy.

We came up with two label designs: "You're the BALM" and "Thank you for BEE-ing awesome!" You can download and print the labels yourself here:

We're also happy to print them out for you on pre-cut label paper to make it even easier. If you buy a lip balm kit between January 29 and February 9, 2017, you'll automatically be given the option to add pre-printed Valentine's labels to your cart for FREE.

And if you've made lip balms on your own already and don't need the kit, no problem! We have them available for just $1 per sheet (12 labels per sheet) here.

But that's not all the fun we have in store! We've designed printed valentines for you as well.

We've designed them specifically so that you can attach your custom lip balms to them with just a bit of ribbon or yarn:

You can download the two valentine templates here. We've found it works best if you print them out on quality cardstock!

Whether you and your children decide to make our special lip balm valentines this year or a different project, I hope you're able to make Valentine Day gifting (of any kind) meaningful.

After all, the more our children find opportunities to thoughtfully and intentionally connect with one another as young people, the more they'll recognize that it's not so hard to do when they're adults, too. :)

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