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Balancing Work, School & Fun…At Age 10

On the outside, Izzie looks like an ordinary 10-year-old girl.

She loves Marvel comics, drawing, and anything related to Star Wars. Raised in Southern California, she is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

This happy fifth grader enjoys studying math and science. She dreams of someday working with animals, or maybe pursuing a career in engineering.

But like the heroes in her comic books, Izzie has a secret identity. Well…a not-so-secret identity.

Izzie is an actor. 

In fact, you may even recognize her. She has done everything from tv commercial spots for Kia Motors to feature films like Ouija and Guilt by Association starring Julia Stiles.

As a homeschooled student/working actor, her day is anything but typical. She has to balance work with school, all while finding time for fun with her family. It's a demanding schedule, but it also gives her flexibility.

"My school work comes first," says Izzie about her homeschool routine. "It gives me more time to act, see babeball games or go to Disneyland when my work is all done."

When I ask if she could invent anything to help kids, it's no surprise that this budding engineer talks about plans for a time-management machine.

Even the work can be fun, if you are doing something you love.

"I love getting up early to go to a set and spend the day working," Izzie shares. "It's fun to meet other actors and to get to portray different characters."

At 10 years old, Izzie is working at something many girls her age dream about. And she has some advice for them.

"You are never too young to do what you want to and make your goals happen," counsels this wise young woman. "Believe in yourself and never doubt your abilities."

Even though she has already done much in her young life, Izzie is a girl who is ready to accomplish so much more.

"I'm determined and I don't stop until my goals are reached," she tells me. It's a motto worthy of a super hero—or a young girl with Big Dreams.

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