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Be the First to Grab Our New SmartyPits Teen Deodorant!

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I first learned about the link between aluminum and breast cancer when my mom was going through treatment. I had no idea that antiperspirants contained aluminum--and I definitely didn't know the role aluminum played in them (creating a barrier to block sweat from being able to exit the body).

I counted the years I had been using an aluminum-based antiperspirant...and wished I had known earlier.

Now, it's never too late to go aluminum free. And if you're like me and realized you needed to start your aluminum-free journey after years of antiperspirant use, that's okay! We have plenty of SmartyPits options for you.

But we wanted to create a special line that would appeal to those who could go aluminum free from the very beginning.

SmartyPits Teen is formulated especially for tweens and teens who want an aluminum-free deodorant that is fun, bright, and awesome-smelling, but that also is healthy for them, too.

SmartyPits Teen is free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and propylene-glycol, and contains food-grade prebiotics just like our regular SmartyPits collections. But there are just a few differences:

  • All SmartyPits Teen deodorants are baking soda free, perfect for younger skin which can be a bit more sensitive
  • SmartyPits Teen scents are fun and age-appropriate, including scents like Watermelon, Pink Lemonade, and Timber & Pine.
  • SmartyPits Teen deodorants are just a tad smaller than our regular SmartyPits, coming in at 1.76 oz. This is works especially well for those just starting to use deodorant and who might not need to use it everyday, so they won't go through it as quickly.

Our teen collection won't be available to ship until Thursday, April 12th, but we wanted our newsletter subscribers to have first access. We're certain our first few batches will sell out!

Shop our pre-sale now and have your SmartyPits Teen deodorant in the mail by the time we announce its availability publicly.

  • The watermelon scent is fresh & sweet like a summer watermelon. A perfect treat for any time of year!
  • The pineapple mango scent is deliciously light, and guaranteed to be a tropical delight!
  • The timber + pine scent is the perfect scent for your teen boy. Masculine without being too cologne-like, this scent is a light combo of wood and amber.
  • The orchard blossom scent smells like a fruity blend with a light floral twist. It's guaranteed to keep your teen fresh as a daisy all day long!
  • The pink lemonade scent is sweet and sassy, and just as refreshing as a tall glass of pink lemonade on a hot day. 

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