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Big Sister. Big Family. Big Dreams.

It’s not easy being the only sister in a house full of brothers. Especially when you’re the oldest. Especially when there are five of them!

The typical girl would start to feel outnumbered, but this month’s real-life HoneyBee Heroine, Peyton, sees it in a positive light.


“It’s sometimes hard being the oldest,” Peyton admits when asked about the ups and downs of growing up with lots of younger siblings. “The house is rarely ever quiet, but everyone in the family is looking out for you all the time. It’s so much fun. I wouldn’t change anything about it.”

And there are other advantages. “For example,” Peyton shares, “I’ve picked up a lot of babysitting tricks from watching my brothers. I use them when I babysit other kids.”

As a matter of fact, family is very important to this teen. Throughout our interview, she uses words like “amazing” and “wonderful” to describe them. And you have only to see her care for her brothers to understand just how close she feels to them.

Peyton with brother

It’s no surprise that when I ask her what makes her feel proud of herself, she replies, “Helping others in need, being a good friend and sister, and being myself.”

Peyton loves listening to music, acting, and spending time with her friends. She’s also an avid reader and budding writer. Her favorite subject in school is English, and not only because she loves to read. She also understands that reading great literature helps to make her a better writer.

While she enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on, she’s a particular fan of action/adventure. She is also fascinated by the stories Japanese graphic novels and anime. Her favorite is a series called Nana. “It teaches the viewers, especially the female viewers, about what it’s like to start adulthood,” Peyton observes. “And also some unforgettable life lessons about the journeys through becoming an adult.”

Becoming an Adult 

Because of her parents’ work, Peyton’s family has moved three times in the past few years, to three very different parts of the country.

When her family lived in California, Peyton made tons of friends and was part of a great local dance team. Moving to Las Vegas meant saying goodbye to those connections. “I didn’t enjoy it as much at first,” Peyton confesses. “But after that first year, we moved to a new neighborhood that we loved. My brothers made friends with the neighbors a couple houses down from us, and I even made a friend, Jasmine.”

Her family moved again a year later, this time to Florida. And Peyton loves it there! “I have everything I could ever want here! I’ve made a ton of friends and joined the theater program.”

As she dreams of her future, Peyton sees herself in a career in the arts. Her Big Dream? Becoming a master pastry chef. When I ask her about her proudest culinary creation, she tells me, “I once made a breakfast in a mug, which included eggs, cheese, turkey, and little pieces of bread. It was so delicious!”

Actually that does sound good. Hey Peyton, can you share the recipe?

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