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Connecting With One Another is the Best Thing We Can Do

I'm going to be totally honest. I had a hard time writing this email.

In fact, I had such a hard time that I'm writing it at 7:34am on Sunday morning. Sunday is the day the newsletter usually comes out, so this is really unusual for me. We typically write our emails on Friday or early Saturday and schedule for them to go out around 6am on Sunday.

Not this time.

We had something really, really big happen last week. After 5 months of planning behind the scenes and many many many hours of work, our new custom website went live on Thursday.

It's beautiful. It's everything I could have ever dreamt as an outward expression of the dream we're building.

Except I didn't announce its launch.

In fact, I barely mentioned it. We wrote a blog about it and I posted the link, but that was it. I let it come quietly into existence, this culmination of sweat and thought and love. 

Why? Because I was too heartbroken by the events of our nation last week. It didn't feel right talking about our website or going on with business as usual. Many people needed time to grieve and process and discuss and be in community with others. I know I did.

The best way for me to process my feelings was to create. So I did.

I made soap. I made lots of soap.

I know it sounds kind of crazyafter all, how would making soap help? But it did. It helped my heart.

I wanted to use my hands to bring something into the world, something that would bring joy to others down the line. That's the power of creativity, isn't it? To be able to bring forth something that wasn't there before. When that ability is used for good, it's one of the most powerful things we can do as human beings.

My heart still feels more sorrow than I know how to express right now. But I do know one thing: each one of us has the power to create goodness in this world–through the work of our hands, the strength of our words, the passions and gifts that we have to offer and share with others. 

I want to celebrate our new website with you this coming week, but I also want you to know the deep respect I hold for the gravity of what many people are thinking, feeling, and experiencing right now. 

It's my hope that in having something to come together about in joy and community this week, we'll also help to strengthen our connection with each another. And connecting with one another is one of the most important things we can do moving forward. 

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