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Deo Cream is Back!!!

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You've been so patient.

This year, it's been an exceptionally warm October in Southern and Central California. I've been closely watching the weather all month, hoping to bring back our deodorant cream sooner. Unfortunately for our deo cream fans, Mother Nature had her own plans.

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But that is all about to change.

We already have the deodorant cream poured and ready to go (it's cooler in our mountain town than in the surrounding areas), and shipping temps at our local postal hubs are looking to be fabulous this coming week.

For everyone that's been waiting for our deodorant cream, I'm excited to say...it's back.

Infused with probiotics, this smooth and silky deodorant cream is baking soda free, vegan, and perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Our deodorant cream uses something different than both our standard and magnesium stick formulas: it's infused with zinc oxide, the same ingredient that is found in many natural sunscreens.

The benefit of using a completely different ingredient? It's yet a third way that we can attack odor.

Since everyone's skin chemistry is so unique, different people need different ways to overcome the bacteria that causes odor.

Our deodorant cream is available in unscentedcoconut mangolavender roseeucalyptus spearminttweed & spicelemongrass patchouli scents.

These aren't the only exciting things coming…keep an eye out this week for our holiday Almond Biscotti SmartyPits. Coming November 1st!

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