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Don't Give Up When Things Don't Go As Planned. Do This Instead.

This week did not go as planned.

Last weekend, someone really close to our family came down ill, and has been dealing with some pretty substantial health challenges as the week progressed. To say that my heart has been filled with constant worry is an understatement.

Have you ever had something like that happen – something that kind of throws you off your game? It's probably something everyone can relate to, and this week, it was hard to find my focus. It was especially hard for me to tap into feelings of positivity and hopefulness.

But something very interesting dawned on me in the midst of it all. While my inclination was to curl up in a ball and hide from the world, it was action that actually helped me feel better and refocus my efforts.

It reminded me of what doctors often say about exercise: when you least feel like doing it is typically when it will do the most good for your body.

So if you're feeling like me this week and struggling to see a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm going to encourage you to move and create and do right alongside me. 

Write your thoughts, worries, and dreams to get them out of your head and onto paper. Do something healthy for your body and go on an awesome hike. Create something magical

Draw. Cook. Sew. Play a game. Solve a puzzle. Volunteer. Surprise a friend with a beautiful card

Just. Do. Something.

It might just be the thing to break the surface tension of your inner struggles so you can imagine the brighter days ahead.

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