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Eight HoneyBee Heroines Answered Three Questions

Our 2016 HoneyBee Heroines, plus one

When we started our monthly HoneyBee Heroines interviews, I knew that I was going to meet a lot of amazing young women. After all, these are girls with big dreams for their lives. Girls who are already doing the hard work required to bring those dreams into being.

But I wasn’t expecting to be just so impressed by their answers to my interview questions. These girls each had such different perspectives on their lives. And their responses were possessed of a wisdom so true to their individual personalities, values & backgrounds.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the stories of these awesome girls, told in their own words, you can find all of them here.

In the course of the interview, I asked each girl a few of the same questions. Here is an interesting compilation of their replies:

Q: “If you had to use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?”

Cat, our March HoneyBee Heroine

Cat - Eclectic

Lily, our April HoneyBee Heroine

Lily - Curious

Kamryn, our May HoneyBee Heroine

Kamryn - Happy

Zandra, our June HoneyBee Heroine

Zandra - Unique

 Reese, our July HoneyBee Heroine

Reese - Intelligent

Aleena, our August HoneyBee Heroine

Aleena - Inspiring

Drew, our September HoneyBee Heroine

Drew - Strong

Peyton, our November HoneyBee Heroine

Peyton - Unique


Q: “If you could invent something that would make life easier for kids, what would it be?”

Peyton - A color changing crayon

Cat - Some kind of device that takes away distractions and makes you focus, kind of like blinders for horses. Speaking as someone who is drawn to procrastination, this would definitely make things easier for me!

Lily - A homework machine that does your homework for you! And a checking machine that checks the homework so mommy doesn’t have to.

Kamryn - Actually, things seem to be pretty easy for my generation with all the new technology.

Zandra - If I could invent something that I thought would make life easier for kids, it would be something that eliminated procrastination. Because I am a full time high school student and a business owner, I believe that procrastination is definitely the enemy.

Reese - I would invent a robot to clean my room and do my chores.

Aleena - If I could invent something that would make life easier for kids, it would have something to do with cleaning. I don’t like cleaning, and doing the dishes I like the least. I know there are dishwashing machines but those take a while. I wish there was something that you could put the dishes in kind of like a car wash, that would wash them really quick.

Drew - I would invent something that would help kids understand their school work better.


Q: “What makes you proud to be you?”

Lily - I’m proud to me because I’m kind.

Cat - I’m proud to be me because I’m not afraid to stick out. I know what skills I have, and which ones I don’t. I’m comfortable being me, and I don’t feel like I have to change anything for people who wouldn’t support me in my life and choices.

Kamryn - I’m proud to be me because I don’t give into peer pressure. I don’t change to make others happy or to try to fit into a certain group. I am who I am. I’m very respectful towards others. I’m not a typical teen. I love hanging out with my family and being myself.

Peyton - Helping others in need, being a good friend and sister, and being myself.

Aleena - I’m proud to be me because I like me. I like what I do for kids with cancer, I like that I play sports. I am proud that I am trying to make a difference and hopefully open doors for other girls while do things.

Drew - I’m proud that I’m smart and strong. When boys say girls aren’t strong, I show them that they are because I’m tiny but mighty. I like being the baby of my family because I love having big sissies.

Reese - Most girls my age are more interested in taking selfies, make up, and boys. I feel they are growing up too fast. So I’m proud to be me because, I have my own path which involves science, technology, and engineering.

Zandra - I am proud to be me because due to my work effort as a student and CEO of my own company, I have been able to experience things by the age of 15 that some people never get the chance to experience, like being a guest speaker in another country and seeing a product that I hand made be sold throughout the United States. It's amazing! I’m amazing! And so are you!

If you know a girl who is doing incredible things in her life, in her family or in her community, I would love to meet her! Get in touch and I may include her in our monthly feature for 2017. I can’t wait to share her story.

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