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Embracing Imagination

Earlier this week, I was packaging orders while my 5-year-old son pretended to be The Flash in the background. As I watched and listened to him play, an extraordinary thought hit me.

The feeling grew stronger as the morning continued, and I felt compelled to post the following meditation to the Handcrafted HoneyBee Facebook page, along with this picture:

As I pulled together orders in the early morning hours, my son was also living out a dream, running around our house imagining he was The Fastest Man Alive. In his mind, in those moments, there was no reason he couldn't be exactly who he imagined himself to be. There's so much to learn from the abundance of a child's imaginationand today, I'm going to be exactly who I imagine I can be. ❤️ Perhaps the biggest hindrance of living into Big Dreams is a failure of imagination. Let's go imagine together. 

This thought continued to stick with me throughout the day and into the next. My older son has always loved to dress up in costumes and imagine himself as a superhero (We've written before about how when he was three he wore his Superman cape every day for an entire year).

But especially as we get closer to Halloween, children everywhere get more and more excited about their costumes. They imagine themselves temporarily becoming something entirely different. Especially for small children, it's often a vision that transforms them into the most adventurous, courageous, beautiful and spectacular versions of themselves they could dream.

I saw it when I was a first grade teacher. For one day, something magical happened.

I never had children pretending to be fairies and superheroes and doctors and princesses and pirates. For that one day, I actually had fairies, superheroes, doctors, princesses and pirates in my classroom

There's something about the amazing capacity we have when we're young to not only imagine our dreams, but to fully inhabit them. It's even more than believing in them—it's living into them.

When my son dresses up as The Flash, there is no doubt in his mind that he is faster than everyone else around him. Not just imaginary fast. In his mind, he has become physically faster, because he has transformed into his fullest potential

I wonder what our world would be like if we lived like we were the fulfilling the greatest potential of our imagination. If we lived like we truly believed in our heroism, our intrinsic beauty, our incredible capacity to change the world. If we never had any doubt that we could be the best version of ourselves.

I wonder what we would be capable of if we could have the belief of a child's imagination…even if just for one day. What dreams of yours would suddenly seem possible?

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