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Finding Your Season By Seeking Rest

Our family is away for a short vacation up in the Eastern Sierras to recharge. It's a chance to hike in Alpine meadows with our boys, splash in cool mountain lakes & breathe the sweet air.

This is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I've been coming here with my parents since I was about as young as my sons are now. It's so thrilling to share this cherished place with them. To see them make their own memories and know that they'll carry those memories with them for their whole lives.

Every season in the mountains has its beauty, each one full of opportunities & potential. I find such peace in knowing that the lush greenness of summer will eventually give way to the cool dry air of autumn and then yield to the snowy chill of winter.

The fact that things will soon pass makes this moment all the richer. That knowledge helps me to appreciate everything all the more deeply.

I try to remember this for the seasons of my own life–when I look at my boisterous, impetuous boys, knowing that in the blink of an eye they'll be men. When I find myself getting impatient with where I am, wishing for tomorrow instead of savoring today.

So, for today at least, I'm going to head off on an adventure and enjoy every minute of it. No plans for tomorrow or worries about next week. For the mountains are calling…

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