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Flat Rate Shipping is Only $1.95…For a Limited Time!

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It's time to get down with shipping.

For a limited time, we're bringing US-based flat rate shipping down to $1.95 - no minimum purchase required.  

If you've been wanting to try that new SmartyPits scent or treat yourself to a trivia bath bomb (but didn't want to spend $45 to reach our free shipping threshold) this is a little treat for you!

Every purchase, no matter how big or small, no matter how heavy or light, is eligible to take advantage of this $1.95 shipping offer.

So come on...keep Tyler busy this week! He's ready to send your HHB goodies your way with lightning speed.

Limited time offer. $1.95 shipping option will be presented at checkout.

SmartyPits is working to get the FedEx Small Business Grant!

If you have a free moment, we'd deeply appreciate your vote! You canvote every 24 hours through April 4th.  Your vote can help us have a chance at grants for anywhere from $7500 - $25,000 to help SmartyPits grow & spread the word about going aluminum-free for life!


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