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From a Whisper to a Roar

Imagine you are standing in an empty auditorium.

You whisper the word, "love." The sound of your voice can be heard close to you, but no one in the nosebleeds seats would have a chance of hearing you.

Now imagine the room is completely packed. It's totally silent. Then, everyone in the auditorium whispers "love" at the same time.

Together, in unison, the message of the whisper dominates and completely fills the space. The message becomes a roar without ever needing amplification.

It doesn't need to be yelled for every single person in the auditorium to hear it loud and clear.

All because everyone in the room worked together.

Toward the same thing.

At the same time.

Filling their immediate space with a message and trusting that those around them would do the same.

This is an example I actually used to teach my high school students—but it's something that is just as applicable in our daily lives as well. Whispers within your own sphere of influence have the potential to contribute to a collective roar.

Sometimes these "whispers" can take the shape of donating $10 towards a Kiva loan for a business with a positive mission (if 700 people donated just $10 each, it would get her to her goal).

Sometimes these "whispers" can take the shape of contributing one positive message to create a collective roar against cyberbullying (see the awesome campaign sweeping Canada here).

Sometimes these "whispers" can be an act of kindness where the end goal is less apparent. Like buying the coffee for the person behind you in line. Or making it a goal to call and check in on one friend a day. Or leaving a message of encouragement in a library book when you return it.

As individuals, the ways we can impact others are as unique as our fingerprints (which makes the potential so much greater).

Do you have a project that is helping create a collective roar for good? I'd love to share it on our Facebook page so others can join the chorus. Write me so I can spread the word.

Together, let's roar some goodness into the world.

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