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Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

I was that mom on Thursday.

You know the one I'm talking about. The mom carrying a child out of a public place in full meltdown mode. The mom trying desperately to avoid eye contact with anyone.

The mom at the end of a long, tiring day who wants nothing more than to curl up in a ball. Who is doubting her parenting skills. Who is wondering if there's a 'do-over' button hidden somewhere on the car dashboard.

But here was the hardest part. Up until that point, we had had a wonderful time together. It was a day filled with play and fun and giggles. But now, all I could focus on was the sour end to the day.

That night, I sat on the edge of that same boy's bed for story-time. His little arm wrapped around mine with a tight squeeze, and he said, "I had a great day with you today. I love you, mom."

And in that moment, he called me back to the best moments of the day. He helped me to see that I was that mom too.

The mom who could be silly with him. The mom who listened to him tell the same story fourteen times. The mom who treasured every minute with her boy…even the difficult ones.

This little boy looked at his mom and saw only the best parts of me. And it helped me to realize that in the midst of our crazy, chaotic life, we were still able to find tiny, quiet moments to connect with each other.

And those tiny moments were enough. More than enough, in fact. They were the parts of the day that mattered most to him.

(Still…coulda done without that meltdown.)

Know a Girl Entrepreneur in the Making?

Last Monday, we launched Girl-Preneur Power, a short video series and resources to help a girl start her own kid-business!

In the first episode, I tackled the benefits & challenges of going into business for yourself. This week, I'll cover the basics of figuring out the price for what you're selling. So sharpen your pencil and get ready for a little bit of applied math!

The example that we explore throughout this series is a business making & selling lip balms.

Did you know that our Create-Your-Own Lip Balm Kit has enough materials to make 16 natural beeswax lip balms? That's a nice starting point for your girl's entrepreneurial venture.


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