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I Couldn't Write About Anything Else This Week

This post was originally written on Sunday, October 9th for Bee-mail subscribers

This week's email is dedicated to every girl out there who has a Big Dream.

It's also a message straight from my heart to all adults who care for them—for these beautiful young women who have the intrinsic potential to influence all those around them, who will change the world by pursuing their passions, and who will become change-makers with their indomitable spirits.

For girls like Kamryn, who has a deep love for the creative arts while pursuing her passion for paleontology.

For girls like Zandra, who heard the word "no" and used it as motivation to become an international speaker and inspiring CEO by the time she was 16 years old.

For girls like Drew, who doesn't let anyone judge her capabilities based on her size.

For girls like Lily, who knows that a positive mindset is key in pursuing dreams.

For girls like Cat, who says, "I'm proud to be me because I'm not afraid to stick out. I'm comfortable being me!"

For girls like Aleena, who created something incredible that is completely centered around helping others.

For girls like Reese, who will become a gamechanger in a traditionally male-dominated field.

…this email is because these girls, and all girls out there like them, should never feel like their worth is called into question if they are undervalued, disregarded or objectified because they are female.

We have more influence than we realize.

As the owner of a business which applauds young girls for pursuing their passions, celebrates their smarts, and encourages Big Dreams, I knew that, after the events of this week, I couldn't stay silent.

The objectification of women is deplorable and demeaning. Joking about sexual assault is horrifying and despicable. And while politics has brought it into the light in a most heinous way this week, unfortunately that's not the only place where it is rampant.

Chances are, if you know a girl, she will at some point be made to feel objectified and undervalued. And concurrent to doing the incredibly important work of changing the circumstances to make this unacceptable, we also must steel our young girls against letting those incidents influence their sense of self-worth and purpose.

The ability to combat that mindset starts when a girl is very, very young.

It starts by playing veterinarian or scientist with her, and encouraging the joy she feels in imagining her someday-life. It starts by telling her to do her best work instead of only celebrating the "A's" or wins.

It continues by reminding her constantly that she is worth more than the sum of her accomplishments or the size of her jeans. That she has an intrinsic light that cannot be dimmed by anyone else or determined by them. That she is the only one that can bring her particular combination of talents and gifts to the world.

We have more influence than we think. Each one of us—you, me, and everyone else reading this email—has a sphere of influence that is particular to us. Whether it is your role as mother, mentor, teacher, businessperson, writer, photographer, or friend…you have the chance to make an impact on the young girls in your life.

We must do everything we can to ensure their value is upheld in as many aspects of their environment as we can possibly manage.

We owe it to them. We owe it to ourselves. Our future quite literally depends on it.

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