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I Want to Know Your Story

Every time I send out an order, I think of its story.

When we fill a bottle of oil for kit components, assemble the kit boxes, mix deodorant, or pour soap, a story begins. It is the story of potential: of something that starts with us...and continues with you.

It's a story that has woven its way through 48 states (c'mon, Alabama and Mississippi!) and 7 countries. It's a story that has touched girls and boys alike, as well as parents, grandparents, siblings, and good friends.

It's the story of creating and sharing.

On our end, we create an opportunity—to try something new, to spend time with a loved one doing a fun project, or to choose a healthy alternative for a skin care product.  

But your end is the more exciting side of the story.

...it's where June learns about measurement as she helps her mom Becky make deodorant for her family.

...it's where Aleena gets to spend an afternoon with cousins making lip balm.

...it's where Andrea gets to spend a morning laughing and playing with her daughter (PS, thanks for the awesome review, Andrea!)

...it's where a rainy day inside for Jenna and Allana turns into a chance to make things they're really, really proud to show off.

...it's when April tells us she's never had a natural deodorant last through a Spartan obstacle course before using ours.

These are more than stories about kits or deodorant. These are stories about moments embraced, celebrated, and lived.

Every day, I feel blessed to know that our products are playing a small part in your story. Together, we're having quite an incredible adventure, aren't we? :)

I can't wait to see what comes next!

Do you want to share your story?

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