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Our Newest Product…Revealed!

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Every so often, I get a customer email that perfectly expresses why we do what we do. This week, I heard from Rachel, and it really made my day:

Just wanted to write you and let you know how much I like the deodorant I ordered...I started radiation therapy for breast cancer and was only allowed to use deodorant that was aluminum free. I tried several from [a big box store], every one they carried and hated them. They were sticky or gel-like and felt nothing like the deodorant I’ve worn my entire life.

The deodorant I got from you all is fantastic. It looks like regular deodorant and doesn’t feel sticky, and smells really good too. I am a member on several websites for young women with breast cancer and I will definitely be sharing your product with them. Thank you again!

I'm so happy to know that SmartyPits is making it possible for customers like Rachel to go aluminum-free.

Make your next bath brilliant.

NEW! Trivia Bath Bombs with the answer hidden inside.

The newest addition to our Thinkers™ Bath+Body line is designed to really get you thinking. Turn your bath into something brilliant with our brand new Trivia Bath Bombs.

Each trivia bath bomb features one of 15 questions on the label. The answer reveals itself when you drop your bath bomb into the tub.

Choose from 3 different scents—cucumber melon, island delight, happy sunshine—for fun facts about the natural world, the human body, and the animal kingdom.

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