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A Road Map for Girlpreneurs with Big Dreams

Every month on the Handcrafted HoneyBee Blog, we share interviews of girls with Big Dreams. They’re girls leading ordinary lives but possessed of extraordinary spirit and talent.

By shining a light on these amazing role models—highlighting their insightful thoughts & words—we hope to inspire other girls with big dreams. When it comes to the importance of good role models, astronaut Sally Ride said it best: “You can’t be what you can’t see.”

But role models don’t always need to be real. From Laura Ingalls to Meg Murry to Hermione Granger, we can draw just as much wisdom from the stories of strong, inspiring fictional girls.

In fact, Handcrafted HoneyBee’s latest video series was inspired by one of our fictional HoneyBee Heroines. (Read more about the HoneyBee Heroines in this blog post).

Maïa, an aspiring girlboss

Meet Maïa, Aspiring Girlboss

Maïa came into the house after school, running up the stairs to her room and shutting it quickly behind her. A brief moment later, the door popped open for an instant as one hand reached out of the room to hang a sign.


Her mom watched the sign go up and knew that Maïa was busy with another one of her side projects. Maïa’s creative hands had already produced hand-drawn bookmarks, personalized notebooks, homemade board games and an entire organizational system made out of recycled cardboard tubes. What could she be working on this time?

Finally, Maïa emerged from her room with a beautifully woven bracelet. Colored threads overlapped in elaborately intricate patterns. Small plastic beads accentuated the design. It really was quite pretty.

“I’m giving it to Kayla for her birthday,” said Maïa. “What do you think?”

“It’s great! How did you come up with this?” her mom asked.

Maïa shrugged. “You can find anything online if you know how to search for it.”

“And where did you get the thread and beads?” came the next question.

“I raided your sewing room for the thread. And the beads came from one of my old bracelets that was falling apart,” answered Maïa.

“Hmmm…” This wasn’t the first time that Maïa had ‘repurposed’ household supplies for one of her projects, but her mom still had to marvel at her girl’s ingenuity.

The Seeds of a Big Dream

A few days later, kids at school started coming up to Maïa to ask about the bracelet that her friend Kayla had been wearing. How did Maïa learn how to make it? How long did it take her to make a bracelet? They even told her how much they wished they could have one just like it.

After the tenth person said something, Maïa started to wonder. Maybe she could make a little bit of money selling bracelets to her classmates.

Maïa’s head started swimming with ideas. If she could teach Kayla how to make the bracelets, the two of them could make even more of them to sell! And there were dozens of other designs she could make. Oh! And maybe she could charge more for a bracelet with charms woven into it…

But the more she though about it, the more questions Maïa had. How much should she charge? Where was she going to get the money to buy more thread & beads? (Or could she convince her mom to donate thread to the cause…?)

Should she only sell bracelets in school or try to sell them online too? How would she let people know about her business? And what should she even name her business?

Big Dreams + Smart Skills = Successful Girls

Even though she’s just a character in a story, there are lots of real-life girls out there like Maïa. Girls with talent & drive. Girls gushing with ideas, each one the seed of a Big Dream.

You might even know a girl like that yourself.

Rosie the Riveter lives on in the spirit of our girls!

These girls have lots of questions. And too many questions can sometimes feel paralyzing. That paralysis can keep a Big Dream stalled out in the “idea” stage, preventing a girl from taking action, from learning, from growing.

To help answer some of those questions, I’ve created a short video series for girls with dreams of launching their own kid-businesses. At GirlPreneurPower.com, a girl can find videos, downloadable PDF worksheets, and information she can use to get started.

And even if a girl isn’t interested in entrepreneurship, this series can help her to apply some of her school lessons to real-life situations. She’ll learn how to:

  • Use time & resources wisely
  • Use math skills to calculate pricing or develop a budget
  • Write persuasively compelling copy on a blog or website
  • Invest her earnings for the future

Entrepreneurship can be a fantastic avenue for girls to pursue their interests, employ their talents, and challenge themselves creatively. But not every girl has dreams of running a business and working for herself.

That’s ok. There are many routes on the journey towards a Big Dream, and at Handcrafted HoneyBee, we’re working on drawing up the road maps. So keep your eyes peeled, because there may be other video series coming soon for topics like design, science, technology & culinary arts!

Girl-Preneur Power is only the start. And the story of Maïa & her friends is going to continue…

Girl-Preneur Power: A short video series for girls interested in launching their own kid-business!

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