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Something Astounding Happened This Week

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Just yesterday morning, I stood in our shipping room and felt nothing but gratitude at what I saw.

It was a table completely covered in packages, ready to ship to customers.

Only two days before, we had announced the debut of our new Baking Soda Free Probiotic Deodorant Cream.

The response was staggering! From our initial market testing and great customer feedback, I was confident that we were making a product people would love. But I didn't realize just how much.

As I surveyed the contents of that table, I knew I was looking at the product of many long hours of hard work.

Every step of the way, this tiny buy mighty team—our indispenible operations manager, Hailey, my husband Robert and me—was working. Measuring, pouring and labeling each container. Packaging every order with a handwritten note of appreciation. Planning, researching, writing, & designing all the critical elements.

When I think about how our business has grown so much in just one short year, I'm struck by just how much work went into that growth. At the time, we knew we were building the foundation of our Big Dream. But we couldn't imagine where it would lead.

Incredible stories from amazing girls with their own Big Dreams. Beautiful pictures of mothers & daughters creating unforgettable moments together, over a Handcrafted HoneyBee kit. Smart girls & women, taking control of their skin care and making healthy choices for themselves.

In the middle of the work, it's sometimes hard to see just where it's leading. Sometimes it's hard to be patient with the gentle unfolding of the plans we make.

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and take it all in. With gratitude and a healthy dose of awe.

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