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The Important Reason Behind Our Deodorant Price Increase

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If we've met at a craft show or if you've been following Handcrafted HoneyBee for awhile, you might have heard this part of my story. It's one that's really close to my heart, and it plays an important role in the announcement we're making today.

This is my mama. She is a courageous breast cancer survivor.


When we found out she had cancer almost 12 years ago, we were floored. There was no history of cancer in our family. And it was strange…the lump was right under her armpit.

I did a lot of research in those early days, trying to figure out why this might have happened. It was then that I first learned about the link in some studies between aluminum (found in all antiperspirants) and breast cancer, as well as to Alzheimer's.

And while we'll never know the exact reason (or reasons) behind my mom's cancer, I knew I didn't want to take any chances. 

When I started learning how to make skin care, making an aluminum-free deodorant was on top of my list. Having two small children myself, I never wanted my boys to experience what I went through, watching my mom go through chemo and radiation and being so scared for her life.

I also knew I had to formulate something that worked effectively—and I had been using a "clinical strength" antiperspirant most of my adult life!

I'm proud to say that from the day I created my very first aluminum-free deodorant four years ago through today, we've hand-poured and sold over 16,000 sticks

It's been one of the biggest honors in my professional life, knowing that thousands of women have gone aluminum-free by using our probiotic deodorant. And with all my heart, I hope that those thousands of women will have a better shot at longer, healthier lives because of their intentional choice to give up aluminum-based antiperspirants.

Customer April S. is a fitness instructor and mud-run competitor who loves HHB deodorant!

There's another part to this story, too.

It's the more difficult business side—the side that requires me to run a sustainable, profitable operation. I want to make sure I can continue to provide this aluminum-free option to more and more women each year.

Since we introduced our probiotic deodorant into the Handcrafted HoneyBee line, we haven't ever changed our price. I've always wanted to offer an affordable aluminum-free option, and I still do.

Yet over the last few years, the prices of some of our key ingredients have steadily risen, as has the cost of shipping those raw materials to us.

As we look over our numbers, Robert and I have come to a realization. If Handcrafted HoneyBee is to continue to support our family and sustainably provide probiotic deodorant to women for years to come, we have to adjust the price of our deodorant to cover the increased cost of our raw materials.

On April 18th, the price for our probiotic deodorant will be going up to $12 per stick.

This wasn't a decision made lightly. We take every dollar our customers entrust to us very, very seriously.

That's why you'll see some really awesome changes in just a couple weeks.

  • All deodorant subscriptions will receive FREE shipping—which will actually make the cost per stick lower than what most current subscribers are paying. (Current subscribers will automatically benefit from this change!)
  • You'll be able to save money with new bundles and combos.
  • Starting today and during the entire month of April, you'll get free economy shipping for all orders above $45!

There are more exciting things coming, too—new products like a Pit Mask (think of a detoxifying clay mask, but for your armpit), a post-shaving moisturizer, and more.

We'll also be introducing more information on our website to nourish your brain as well while you nourish your body—with tips for things like smart hygiene, monthly breast exams, and general skin health.

That's just a small glimpse into some of the exciting things you're going to see as we move throughout 2017.

Aluminum-free deodorant is an intentional choice, and it's an important one. I'm committed to helping as many women as possible make the leap, and I am so very grateful for your continued support of our family business as we work toward that goal.

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