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Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce!

When you meet eight-year-old Drew, you might be fooled into thinking that she’s a much younger girl. “I’m pretty tiny,” says the 3rd grader. “I look like I’m in kindergarten.”

But there are big dreams contained inside the small frame of our September HoneyBee Heroine. And those are not just dreams for her future—Drew is achieving so many things already in her young life.

A typical day for Drew starts with school, followed by dance practice or tumbling. The youngest of three girls, Drew looks up to her older sisters (whom she lovingly calls “my sissies”). She likes being “the baby of the family”, playing Minecraft and inventing things with her siblings.

But Drew is also a fierce competitor when it comes to sports. She’s an accomplished soccer player and an incredible Spartan athlete as well.

Meet #spartandrew

Spartan Race is an organization that hosts obstacle races for adults from 5K distances all the way up to marathon length. They hold kids races too, scaled down for ages as young as four years old. Drew has conquered three Spartan Kids races already, and is prepping for her fourth in just a few days.

“I get really muddy,” Drew explains, describing the courses she has run. “I have to climb over walls and cargo nets, crawl under stuff, run in mud pits, run with sandbags. It’s really fun!”

In fact, over the summer, Drew participated in a Spartan SGX training camp at Force Fitness OCR with some of her friends. “I did rope-climb, monkey bars, and rock climbing wall. I even threw a spear,” says Drew. “I like them because I get dirty. It’s a challenge and it makes me feel strong. And the shiny medal is fun too.

Drew is modest when describing that accomplishment, but those shiny medals are for more than participation! She has been competing since she was only 6, and she’s in it to win it. Drew placed second in her heat with only one race under her belt. Then she went on to place first in her heat the next time!

Tiny But Mighty

Drew is justifiably proud of her ability to face a challenge and meet it head-on. When I ask her to use one word to describe herself, Drew replies, “Strong.”

She continues, “I’m proud that I’m smart and strong. [In a race,] I always pass the boys. When boys say girls aren’t strong, I show them that they are. I’m tiny but mighty.

But it’s not all athletics for this mighty girl. She also excels in her studies, enjoying science most of all her subjects due to her love of animals and the earth.

Drew’s Big Dream for her future? “I’m gonna be a zookeeper!!!”

At home, she takes care of the family pets, which include a dog, cats, a tortoise, and even pot-bellied pigs. But her favorite animal is the elephant. “They’ve been my favorite my whole life,” the aspiring zookeeper shares.

We’ve selected Drew as this month’s HoneyBee Heroine for many reasons—her spirit, her drive, and her enthusiasm are but a few of her many gifts.

When I ask her to tell me about some of her other interests, she mentions her love of Star Wars, which is a family classic for Drew and her sissies. Her favorite character is R2-D2: small, clever, heroic, resourceful and fierce. It's the perfect mascot for this amazing girl!

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