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Would you like free SmartyPits for a year?

A story can be a powerful thing.

For years now, I've been telling the story of why I started SmartyPits. It started with my mom's breast cancer diagnosis and led me on a mission to help everyone find a healthier alternative to the aluminum based anti-perspirants on the market.

One of the most rewarding parts of that mission has been hearing from customers as they share their stories with me. It's a rare gift to be entrusted with a even small glimpse into someone else's story.

I believe that our stories have the power to change the world.

In fact, I know they do.

And that's why I want to share your story--I want to know why going aluminum free is so important to you, too. Whether you're making healthier choices for your family, have been touched by breast cancer or Alzheimer's Disease in some way, or have been encouraged by someone you love--whatever it is, your story is powerful.

I want to hear it, and I want to share your story with our audience as well.

Because the sharing of stories builds the bridges necessary for a more connected world. Shared stories help us to feel less alone. Shared stories foster compassion. Shared stories remind us we're not so different after all. 

And as a thanks for sharing your story, I'd like to offer a chance to receive free SmartyPits for the next year. If we choose your story to share with our audience (and we're hoping to share many, many stories!), we'll give you a full year's subscription to SmartyPits*.

You can learn more details about how to submit your story by watching the video below:

Visit https://www.handcraftedhoneybee.com/goaluminumfree to learn more about this exciting opportunity to connect.

I can't wait to hear from you!

*The "Free SmartyPits for a Year" offer is interpreted as one free SmartyPits of choice to be delivered every 2 months for one year's time.

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