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April 11, 2016: Technology Hacks to Free Up Your Time

1. Know where your time is going

  • RescueTime: Track your productivity & time on the computer
  • Categorizes activities based on an assessment of how productive it is
  • Helps you honestly assess & gain an insight into where you're spending your time
  • Similar to a food diary. You can't keep track of it all in your head!
  • Premium version can block distracting sites

2. Find your weak spot & figure out how to work with it

  • Block or move distractions
    • "Hide" distracting browser tabs: Once you gain insight into your big distractions, you can move them into a completely separate window
    • Phone: Turn off notifications; airplane mode
    • Workspace: Create a quiet, interruption-free zone
  • Schedule time for distractions - allows you to respond (instead of react) to things
  • Listener comment: ommwriter.com is a good distraction free website

3. Pomodoro Technique

  • 25 minute cycle of productivity, followed by a 5 minute break. After the 4th "Pomodoro", you get an extended break.
  • Think of how much you get done in those last 25 minutes before you have to head out the door.
  • Listener comment: this is a great technique for homeschooling side-by-side with running a homebased business!
  • marinaratimer.com 
  • Pomodoro Time app available in the iTunes store

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