Standard Formula

(with baking soda)

Our Standard Formula is our original and best-selling formula. Powered by baking soda and food-grade prebiotics, it fights odor all day long!

Sensitive Skin Formula

(baking soda free)

For our customers that are sensitive to baking soda (or have generally sensitive skin), we offer our this formula which uses magnesium instead of baking soda for odor-fighting power.

Smartypits® Teen

SmartyPits Teen uses our Sensitive Skin Formula (perfect for young skin) while infusing fun, youthful scents! This line is also slightly smaller than our regular SmartyPits at 1.76 oz.

Smartypits® Mini

Wondering if a specific scent or formula will be your perfect SmartyPits match? Our minis help you try out different SmartyPits easily--or just have one to tuck in a purse or gym bag!

Smartypits® Additions

From our Pit Rebalancing Mask to our new SmartyPits Deodorizing Foot Cream, these SmartyPits additions are a smart way to support your aluminum-free, odor-free lifestyle.

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SmartyPits is more than just another natural deodorant...

it was formulated with a purpose.

We’re committed to helping you #goaluminumfree for life, because our product is built on a story.

When founder Stacia Guzzo’s mother discovered she had breast cancer, it was a through a lump directly underneath her armpit. With no family history of breast cancer and the absence of “the breast cancer gene,” Stacia began to do some research on her mom’s cancer--and that was the first time she learned about studies linking aluminum and breast cancer (as well as Alzheimer’s Disease).

As a result of this, Stacia tried to go aluminum-free herself--but couldn’t find any product on the market that worked. A dedicated “clinical strength” antiperspirant user, Stacia needed something that controlled odor all day, had a smooth application, and felt convenient to use.

She didn’t find anything on the market that hit all those marks... so a few years later after studying skin care formulation, she created one herself.

Read Stacia's Mom's Full Story

Smartypits Aluminum free deodorant

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Make a Difference with Your SmartyPits® Purchase!

This deodorant saves lives!

Our donation commitments are both expanding and focusing...

We're excited to officially announce that we've partnered with City of Hope, one of the world's leading research facilities for breast cancer as well as an incredible source of healing and support for patients undergoing breast cancer treatment.

As you might remember, City of Hope is where my mother received treatment for her breast cancer as well. I'll always be grateful for the caring, meticulously detailed support my mom received (and continues to receive) from her doctors at City of Hope.

We are so proud to support the research and treatment efforts at City of Hope through donating a portion of the sale of SmartyPits.

$0.30 from every stick of our regular size SmartyPits will be donated directly to City of Hope's programs for breast cancer research and education.

In addition to our commitment to City of Hope, we're continuing to set aside a portion of every SmartyPits sale toward being able to provide free deodorant donations to oncology centers, non-profit organizations, and breast cancer support groups around the country.

Thank you for continuing to help make a difference in real lives with every SmartyPits purchase you make!