About the Create-Your-Own Kits

  • How long do the kits typically take to make? 
    • All of our kits are designed to take between 5 and 20 minutes. For example, it only takes a few minutes or so to create your own clay mask base or Groovy Lamp Lip Gloss™. Kits that require melting take just a bit longer, but all should come in under 20 minutes. 

  • Do you have video tutorials that can help us see how to make these kits?
    • Absolutely! Check us out on YouTube at HandcraftedHoneyBeeTV for How-To videos, or use the secret code on your kit to access the HoneyBee Heroine website, where you can unlock more videos, tips, and exclusive super-secret ways to level up your kits.

  • I'm still confused about a particular step. Can you help me?
    • Definitely. If, after watching the video tutorials on YouTube and the secret website, you could still use some help, contact us at hello@handcraftedhoneybee.com and we’ll talk you through it!

  • What should I do if my wax mixture hardens before I pour it all?
    • Microwave it in 10 to 15 second bursts, stirring in between, until it is liquid again. Voilà!

  • What is the easiest way to clean up after melting my mixture?
    • We recommend cleaning your jar immediately after you finish pouring the melted liquid. Use a paper towel (not a cloth towel!) to carefully wipe out the jar. To soften up any leftover bits, microwave it for 10 seconds and wipe away any remaining wax. When all the wax is gone, place it in the dishwasher. 

  • I love what I made, but the tops of my finished product (lip balm or deodorant) look a little messy. Can I fix that?
    • That's an easy fix, and we show you how (along with other great tips) on our secret HoneyBee Heroine website. Use the code on the back of your instructional booklet for access!

  • My daughter is younger than 7, but so excited to start pursuing her dreams and using your kits! What Handcrafted HoneyBee kits are appropriate for younger girls?
    • Our Groovy Lamp Lip Gloss™ kit is perfect for girls ages five and up. And of course, we recognize that all girls learn at a different pace—you are the best judge of what she can do! Feel free to email us at hello@handcraftedhoneybee.com and we’ll chat more about your situation!

  • We've made all of your kits and loved them. Is there something else we can do?
    • There are plenty more activities at our secret HoneyBee Heroine website! Use the access code on the back of your instruction booklet to login.  And check back soon for new kits and free resources, which we are always adding to our main website. 

  • Can I add additional ingredients to the recipe in my kit?
    • Adding additional oils, butters, or waxes to your kit could change the consistency or shelf life of the final product, so we don't recommend it. 

  • What if I don't want to use a microwave to melt my ingredients?
    • No problem! Here's how to create a double boiler on your stove top: fill a small pot halfway with water and immerse the bottom of your heat-safe jar full of raw materials into the cool water. Make sure NO water can get into the jar at any point. Heat the water and the jar until you hit a rolling boil, then reduce the heat to a gentle simmer until your material has melted. 

  • Will the deodorant made from your kit work for me?
    • We believe our deodorant recipe is one of the most effective natural deodorant recipes on the market (so much so, that we've used the same recipe in both our HHB Skin Care Collection and the Create-Your-Own Deodorant Kit). That being said, everybody is different, and different things work for different people! To read testimonials that speak to the efficacy of our deodorant, click here. For any other questions about our deodorant, checkout the HHB Skin Care Collection section of our FAQ.

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About the HHB Skin Care Collection

  • Will your deodorant work for me?
    • Our deodorant recipe has been effective for many, many happy customers. That being said, everyone is different—and the efficacy of deodorant can be based on many things, such as personal body chemistry, diet, skin pH, geographic location and physical activity. 

  • I have been using your deodorant for a while with success, but recently I began to notice a rash. What could be causing this?
    • If you are developing a sensitivity after using the product for some time, it could mean the underarm skin has lost some of its natural acidity due to the alkaline nature of the deodorant. To help bring the skin's pH back to a normal, mix a 1:4 ratio of apple cider vinegar to water. Apply this mixture to the underarms daily, allowing it to dry before applying your deodorant. After 1 to 2 weeks you will likely see a remarkable improvement. In the meantime, check out our baking soda free option.

  • Does your deodorant contain aluminum?
    • Definitely not. Never has, never will. Nor does it include any parabens, phthalates, or petroleum.

  • Is your deodorant an antiperspirant?
    • The FDA considers the claim of “antiperspirant” to be a drug claim (yep, not kidding!) so we can’t make any claims that it is an antiperspirant. We can, however, say that it is an AMAZING deodorant.

  • Does your lip balm have SPF coverage?
    • The FDA considers any product with an SPF claim to be an over-the-counter drug. So again, we can’t make any SPF claims about our lip balm...but we certainly love it. 

  • Are your products tested on animals?
    • Absolutely not. Never ever ever.

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About Your Order

  • How long will it take for my product to arrive?
    • Shipping times vary depending on your choice at checkout. To determine the date you can expect to receive your package, remember that business days include Monday to Friday and exclude weekends and holidays. (For International shipment times, please see our shipping policy for more info!)

  • What is your return policy?
  • Do you ship internationally?
    • We ship internationally to a select group of countries. Please see our shipping policy for more details.

  • I forgot something and I want to add it onto my order. Can I still do that?
    • It depends on how long ago you placed your order. Write us at hello@handcraftedhoneybee.com and we'll talk you through your options. In some cases, additional purchases may have to ship separately.

  • Can I find your products in any store near me?
    • It’s possible! Check out our list of stores to see where you can purchase products near you. And if you know of a store where you would like to see more HHB products, send an email to hello@handcraftedhoneybee.com and we'll get in touch with them!

  • Who should I contact if I have questions about my order?

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  • What does STEAM stand for?
    • STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math. For more detailed information about STEAM education, visit this link.

  • How do you incorporate the development of STEAM skills into the use of Handcrafted HoneyBee kits?
    • We incorporate a blend of both analytical thinking and creativity. For example, girls can create their own color blends and document the results so they can duplicate them; they learn why the castor oil and glycerin never mix in our Groovy Lamp Lip Gloss™, and they get to design their own labels using their artistic skills. We use every opportunity to stretch their thinking skills using both the left and right side of their brains.

  • What other STEAM projects do you recommend?
  • What is your background in education and/or STEAM?
    • Stacia is a former teacher-turned-entrepreneur with over a decade of experience as an educator. She has a BA in Liberal Studies (aka Education) with a minor in Special Education, and an MA in Theological Studies from Loyola Marymount University. She’s taught in both elementary and high schools and served on two WASC committees during her time as a classroom teacher. In addition, she's been a childbirth educator, a sign language teacher to infants, and has led private soap and lip balm making classes. Teaching is in her blood, and Handcrafted Honeybee lets her empower and encourage girls all over the world.
    • Robert is an aerospace engineer with over 15 years of experience working with private industry, the Air Force, and NASA. He has a BA in both Mathematics and Philosophy from Rutgers University and an MA in Mathematics from UCLA. In addition to his work as an engineer, he also worked as a mathematics teacher at Santa Monica College. He combines his love and knowledge for mathematics and engineering with a passion for helping others learn and grow—both at his day job, at Handcrafted HoneyBee, and at home!

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About the Business

  • What is the significance of the honeybee in your name?
    • As hobbyist beekeepers, we’ve been inspired by how honeybees work together. Did you know that all worker bees are female? Not only that, but they all intuitively know how to make and do awesome things as a team (like making honey and wax, keeping the hive clean and orderly, even raising baby bees). We believe honeybees are some of the neatest creatures around, and we want to foster a world where our girls also work together in beautiful, innovative, and practical ways!

  • Why did you pick the professions of chef, designer, scientist and entrepreneur for the HoneyBee Heroine avatars?
    • There are so many opportunities for aspiring young girls today, but we chose these four professions because they are traditionally underrepresented by women. For girls whose interests lie in other areas, we created a fifth Heroine whom we call “The Explorer.” For more on the HoneyBee Heroines, read our blog post

  • How do you come up with your skin care formulas?
    • Stacia began making skin care in 2010 and has never stopped. Before starting Handcrafted HoneyBee, she owned a bath and body business, where she made and sold over 20 different products—all of which she developed herself! She has a deep knowledge of raw materials, what they do for the skin, and how they interact with other raw materials. With more than 50 original formulas under her belt, each skin care product she has developed has been the result of lots and lots of practice in skin care creation over the years.

  • I know some boys that might love your products. Have you ever considered broadening your appeal by not being gender-specific?
    • Boys can definitely use our products and have a lot of fun! We absolutely support boys utilizing both analytic and creative skills, but it's our goal to see more women represented in STEAM-focused careers. Our vision is to help empower girls to become leaders & influencers in their fields by gaining confidence at an early age. Once that vision has been realized we will consider exploring a gender-neutral focus. You can read more about our mission and vision here.

  • Where are your products made?
    • All of our products are made in our home studio in Tehachapi, California. We currently have almost half of the house committed to Handcrafted HoneyBee, including a 20’ x 12’ studio for production, our garage for shipping prep, and an entire room in our house for storage. We fill all of the jars and bottles, label, and assemble all of the kits by hand. 

  • Can you come speak to my Girl Scout troop/class/club?
  • Do you have a discount for teachers?
    • We would absolutely love to put together a bulk kit for your classroom at a discounted price! Email Stacia at stacia@handcraftedhoneybee.com with the name of your school, the grade you teach, and the kit you are interested in and we’ll get back to you very soon with a customized quote.

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