Learn More About: Groovy Lamp Lip Gloss Kit


Castor Oil: This is an oil that is obtained from pressing the seeds of the castor plant. It is pale yellow and has quite a different fatty acid composition than other vegetable oils. In lip balms and other cosmetics, castor oil helps to increase the glide of the product. It is thicker than most other vegetable oils--which is one of the reasons it is good for this particular kit!

Glycerin: Vegetable glycerin also goes by the name glycerol. It is slightly sweet but has fewer calories than sugar (although our glycerin is not meant to be used in food, so please don't eat it!). In the cosmetic industry, glycerin is used to help with dry skin because it helps the skin stay hydrated by pulling moisture from the air (also known as a "humectant").

Flavoring Oil: These oils are included to flavor your lip balm. Specific ingredients of flavoring oils are usually federally protected as proprietary, but they have been thoroughly tested for safety and approved by the FDA for use on the lips.

Mica: This is a sheet mineral that appears to have a glittery or glimmering appearance in direct sunlight. It is frequently used in mineral makeup. While it is safe to use in your cosmetics, take caution when scooping the mica--you never want to inhale it (the particles are quite small) and you'll always want to wash your hands after using it so that you don't risk rubbing your eyes or staining your clothes. 

Why do the castor oil and glycerin not mix together?

Density! Let's talk density. The glycerin and the oil have two different densities--which means that one is more dense than the other. The liquid with the lower density floats on top, while the liquid with a higher density will sink to the bottom. In other words, it is heavier! Observe: When you make your Groovy Lamp Lip Gloss, which liquid has the greater density--the castor oil or the glycerin?? 

When something has a higher density, it means that there is more matter crammed into the same amount of space. The amount of matter in a certain amount of space (or object)  is called its mass. So why do different materials--like castor oil and glycerin--have different densities? Because they each have a different mass. In other words, one has more matter crammed into the amount of space that is taken up by the liquid. Knowing that, which liquid has the greatest mass?


Additional fun experiments to do with DENSITY:




Make sure that ALL of the colored liquid has floated to the other side of the container when you turn it upside down--and be patient when you turn it back over to experience its "groovy" effects. You don't need to shake it--good things take time!

TRICKS: When you store your Groovy Lamp Lip Gloss, keep it upright. It will help preserve the groovy effect! If you store it on its side, sometimes the mineral colorant will stick to the sides of the applicator jar.

FUN: Using a flashlight (phone flashlights work best because of the flat surface, but you can probably use any flashlight), prepare your lip gloss by turning it upside down. Then, turn on your flashlight and turn your lip gloss over to create the groovy lamp effect. Hold your lip gloss directly over the light of the flashlight to create a true "lamp" effect. The result is a fun, extra-groovy experience!